Here’s Your First Look at the Mario Kart Ride in USJ’s New Super Nintendo World

After years of waiting, Universal Studios Japan is finally ready to open its new Super Mario World to all Nintendo fans all over the world!

The news was shared by USJ over the weekend as they shared high-quality photos of the first ride to be launched together with the area’s opening: Mario Kart!

Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge is going to be an interactive ride equipped with augmented reality goggles that will let you experience racing against other “players,” collecting items, and sabotaging other cars through various levels (including a lava level, an underwater level, a spooky area, and Rainbow Road, among many others) just like in the game. You won’t be driving the car yourself, though; the ride is going to be on rails. But what’s interesting, based on a report by Bloomberg Quicktake, is that there will be two sets of cars going at the same time which suggests that it’s a team VS team competition. It’s a pretty cool concept, considering that we’ve never heard of something like it in any other theme park before!

The ride is going to be located inside Bowser’s castle and will be open on February 4, 2021. Check out the photos below!

Super Nintendo World will also launch Yoshi’s Adventure attraction soon too, though there are no updates yet about its construction.

Are you excited about this? Let us know in the comments! In the meantime, watch the official video below:

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