Here’s What Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres Think Of Their Daughter Studying In UP

The University of the Philippines may be one of the schools that incites the most divided opinions. While many consider it a highly prestigious university, others only consider its reputation as an ‘activist’ school. So where do parents Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres lie on the spectrum? They seem to have some reservations regarding rallies but are overall happy with their daughter’s choice of college.

(Lucy Torres-Gomez Shares How She Met Richard Gomez in This Nakakakilig Throwback Photo)

Celebrity child and athlete Juliana Gomez recently began her collegiate life at the University of the Philippines. For actress and politician Lucy Torres Gomez, the decision was easily understandable as she herself was an iskolar ng bayan. “I’m happy that she’s in UP because that’s where I went, that’s where [Richard] went also,” She tells “I’d like her to experience that environment. I had a really nice time in UP. Maybe it’s different kasi UP Cebu ako. Wala namang big demonstrations. UP Diliman is a much bigger campus.”

Both Lucy and Richard were especially happy that Juliana had opted to study in the country. Richard explains, “Early on, sabi ng mommy niya at sinabi ko rin, ‘Dito ka talaga mag-aaral.‘”

Lucy adds, “Maybe, she can go there for Master’s, but for now, we want to keep her close…It’s hard enough now with all of us being in the Philippines, but different locations. So, how much more if ganunTatlo-tatlo na nga lang kami‘tapos mawawatak pa.”

Despite their general approval of the choice, they do hold some reservations. Richard is specifically concerned about sorority life in the university.  “Sabi ko, huwag ka sumama sa mga gulo-gulo...Mga orgs naman, since you’re part of the volleyball team, that’s one strong organization of the university,” Richard shares. “There’s no need for you to join other orgs, noKasi baka sumali sa sorority, e. Masasaktan ka lange, through initiation. The best org you can join is the athletic organization, the varsity.”

For Lucy, “It’s nice to have a cause. It’s nice to feel strongly about something, but you don’t have to fight the world. You can be loyal to your cause. You can be very passionate about it, but there are ways to fight your battles. It doesn’t have to be in an abrasive way.”

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