Here’s What Manila Looks in the 1930s

If you were wondering what Manila looked like about close to a century ago, you can stop wondering now because a Reddit post showed scanned photos of Manila in the 1930s.

According to u/skeptical, these photos that were scanned came from “mom’s friend, who got them from her uncle who passed away.”

Here are some of the photos:

"Closeup of Manila hotel & legaspie landing. The 19th hol bar is also located in the Manila hotel. Reputed to serve the best mint julips ever, but i dont think they're so hot."

Legaspi Landing with the Manila Hotel in the background

"The Manila hotel. Also Legaspi landing on the left. Best & largest hotel in Manila. Also most expensive."

The Manila Hotel

Rizal monument. T Rizal was a Spanard & due to his anti-Spanish movements liberated the islands from Spanish rule - therefore was shot for his trouble. The people named everything possible after him. Sort of a philippine god who died for the islands. That's me in front."

Rizal Monument

Manila 1930s (8)

"Government building 31 July '37"

"This is the "Empress of Canada" tied up at pier #5. The longest pier in the world."

Empress of Canada tied on Pier 5, which was considered the longest pier at that time

"The Manila post office with a "carramitta' in the foreground. That kind of transportation is restricted to service men due danger of holdups at night."

"The "Esolta" of Manila. Same as "Broadway" of San Diego. I'd rather be looking at the latter."


To see the entire album, the photos were uploaded on Flickr, under EspressoBuzz account.

What do you think of 1930s Manila? Share your thoughts with us.

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