Here’s The Real Reason Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Haven’t Finalized Their Divorce

It’s been 3 years since iconic duo Brangelina became no more. In case you need a refresher, Angelina Jolie separated from Brad Pitt after allegations of violent behaviour against him surfaced. The likelihood of the couple reuniting remains very low so why exactly is their divorce proceeding so delayed? According to legal documents obtained by The Blast, it has everything to do with money.

Hollywood Power Couple Brad Pitt and Angeline Jolie Reportedly Splitting

(Angelina Jolie Opens Up About her Divorce with Brad Pitt: “It’s just been the hardest time”)

The problem, to be specific, seems to be that Pitt and Jolie simply have too much money. The celebrity couple recently asked the court for an extension on their period of separation in order to sort out all of their financials. Unsurprisingly, the two seem unable to reach an agreement on how their joint fortune should be divided.

One piece of property that is particularly plaguing them is the French winery and castle, Miraval, which they bought back in 2011. It was reportedly purchased for a hefty $60 million. However, the property is believed to have been intended for their children. The plan was supposedly to pass the 500-acre Château down to their children for them to own and operate so it is unclear what the exact conflict is.

Discussions on the divorce will move forward through the use of a private judge by the request of the couple. Hopefully, the two celebrities are able to resolve things peacefully and reach a conclusion together.

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