Here’s How You Can Travel the World While Taking Care of People’s Pets

Giant "Mop" Dog Playing in the Snow

Andy Seliverstoff Photography

Traveling has become mainstream. We do it to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, to unwind, to reset, or simply to discover new things. However, travel can be expensive. Or even when it’s cheap, it still needs some cash our from the traveler.

Here’s an amazing deal, through a certain website, you can travel the world while taking care of other people’s pets.

Trusted Housesitters is a site that will let you do this. However, there’s a catch. Looks like a $100 a year fee to start doing this.

The concept behind this is simple yet it works. Many people who have pets have a hard time traveling because they feel guilty leaving their pets. The site connects these pet owners to other travelers who can ‘babysit’ their pets in exchange for accommodation.

To get the best ‘housesits’, you need to build up a good reputation on your profile. To do so, you need to do well in ‘housesitting’ in your hometown to gather a few good reviews.

There is also some form of verification needed to guarantee that you are legit.

It seems that Philippines isn’t catered by the site yet, but maybe soon?

Will you give it a try?