Here’s how Facebook can you help you plan your next trip


Are you traveling to somewhere new anytime soon? Allow Facebook to serve as your atlas as you navigate through the streets of the cities you’re visiting. Beyond connecting you with your friends from around the world and allowing you to share your experiences with them, Facebook can actually be a handy tool that can help you plan and sort out your itinerary when traveling.

Did you know that Facebook can help you find the nearest Wi-Fi, discover impressive places to eat or drink and see fascinating things?

Follow our tips below and find yourself travel like a pro with the help of Facebook.

Use Facebook to search for travel deals

A quick search on Facebook will lead you to numerous pages of travel agencies and tour operators that offer tons of great travel deals. While the internet has made planning trips easier and cheaper, tour packages sometimes give people better value for money. Here are the top 5 local tour packages Filipinos are searching for according to search data provided by Facebook.*

  1. Baguio
  2. Sagada
  3. Cebu
  4. Palawan
  5. Siargao

First things first, find Wi-Fi

With the exorbitant price of data roaming around the world, free and cheap Wi-Fi has become a must for frequent travelers. Many find themselves on a perennial quest to find wireless hotspots in the city and memorizing “Is there Wi-Fi?” in dozens of languages just to get connected and share about their travels to friends back home.

Facebook recently rolled out a feature that has made things much easier for travelers by allowing them to find the closest hotspots, including more information about the establishments that provide them. Click on the “Find Wi-Fi” feature on the app and it will show you a map of nearby establishments and hotspots within your vicinity that you could visit.

Don’t forget to check in

Check in on Facebook to let your friends know that you’ve arrived safely in the city. A Check In allows you to share your location with your Facebook friends and update them on your adventures throughout the day.

Let your Facebook Check Ins serve as your own personal travel diary that you can look back on to remind yourself of how much fun you had during your vacation. You could also use your Check Ins as a way to bookmark notable hotels, restaurants, clubs, and sites that you intend to go back to the next time you visit or would recommend to your friends when they visit the city.

See things to do and places to see

Did you know that when you visit the Facebook page of a city and clicking on the city where you’ve checked in you can get top suggestions on places to visit and things to do? Check out a list of suggested places to visit based on where your friends have visited and popular attractions among fellow travelers who have checked in.

You can also use the feature to explore highly rated restaurants, nightlife, cafes, attractions, and shopping areas in the area and connect with their Facebook pages so you can book a table, reserve tickets, or inquire about how to get there. Use the feature to check out upcoming events in the city that you might want to attend.

Ask your friends for recommendations

Holler on your Facebook for suggestions from friends on where to eat, drink, shop, or hang in the city using the Recommendations feature.  Facebook rolled out its Recommendations feature to help users discover places, services, events, and things to do by simply by prompting your friends for input.

Getting recommendations is as simple as composing a status update and after Facebook will analyze the words to turn on the feature. “I am looking for a place for aperitivo in Rome” will turn on the Recommendations feature and allow friends to add suggestions and connect you to the Facebook pages of establishments you might want to check out. 

Pay it forward

Loved that hole-in-the-wall tapas bar you stumbled upon while walking the streets of Madrid? Like its Facebook, rate it five stars and make sure to give it a rave review. Return the favor by rating some of your favorite attractions, restaurants, and shops from your travels to help your friends and people around the world discover and experience what you did, too.

*According to Facebook Search data during this past summer.

Have you tried planning your trip with the help of Facebook? How was it?