Here’s a New App That Lets You Win an iPhone 11 the More You Play It

We’re just on our first week of the enhanced community quarantine, which means we have to stay at home unless we need to go out. For millennials, Gen Z, and feelennials (feeling millennials such as myself), our gadgets are sources of entertainment, information, and connection to a bigger world. Eventually, we’ll get bored and run out of things to do. Here’s something you can try: why don’t you download this app and play it until you win a brand new iPhone 11?

Say hello to Bongga Ka Day.

Bongga Ka Day is simple: it lets you decide: ano ang mas bongga? Each round, you are presented with two options from pop culture and you decide which one you like more. Options can be as random as “Mobile Legends or Adorable Home,” “Matteo Guidicelli or Mommy Divine,” and “adobo or sinigang.” To make it more fun, you can choose from categories like people, places, animals, entertainment, and gaming. The more you play it, the closer you are to upgrading to an iPhone 11.

To qualify for the iPhone 11, you just need to collect a certain amount of Bongga Coins. You can do this by logging in every day to collect the free ones, watching ads, and playing and winning the game. You win by selecting the more popular choice, which is declared daily. Soon, you can win additional Bongga Coins by answering surveys.

Why don’t you make yourself productive by playing this game? It’s entertaining and you’ll end up with a new iPhone!

Download the Bongga Ka Day app on the App Store and the Google Play Store.

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