Here’s a Hamilton Playlist to Get You Ready for Their Asian Tour

It’s official — the revolution is coming to Manila!

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Just a day after Lin-Manuel Miranda greeted us with “Kamusta Philippines!” and “What’s up, dude pare?”, Miranda confirmed that Hamilton would be starting its first-ever Asian tour, kicking it off in the Philippines.

From its multilayered historical backdrop to the cast’s high-energy dances and the showcase of a wide variety of musical styles, including hip-hop, pop, and jazz — this award-winning theatrical sensation is not one to be missed.

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If you’re like us who are already hyped up, or a Hamilton first-timer wanting to study up ahead of the experience — Spotify has a 72-track Best of Hamilton playlist — where all Hamilton music coexists, including songs performed by the original Broadway cast. As a bonus, the playlist also includes Playlist Stories featuring Miranda and music supervisor Alex Lacamoire as they share the inspirations behind some of the fan favorites: My Shot, Wait For It, Satisfied, and One Last Time.

Let’s not throw away our shot — and catch this spectacle on stage soon! Meantime, let’s sing and dance to Spotify’s Best of Hamilton playlist