Here Are The Most Popular Snapchat Lenses of 2016

Snapchat has indeed redefined social media for us — it brought us fleeting moments in the form of Snaps, conversations that disappear, and of course, their highly popular filters.

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The filters are definitely Snapchat’s best and most addictive feature, with the options changing daily.

Throughout the year they’ve introduced memorable filters that range from cute to funny and scary, yet there are just those filters that stand the test of time and fall highly in favor with those who use the app on a regular basis.

8 Celebrities you should follow on Snapchat

Snapchat rolled out the top 10 filters people love the most, in no particular order.


Flower Crown


Pink Flower Crown

Friend Face Swap





Camera Roll Face Swap


Based on this list, it seems that we have a penchant for Snapchat filters that are pretty and funny, as well as those that we can share with friends. Personal favorite, though? The dog, hands down.

Thoughts on this? What’s your favorite filter?