Help send meals to our frontliners with “Feed the Lung Center”

The frontliners who fight the COVID-19 virus work tirelessly every day trying to save the lives of many. As such, it is important that we give them the utmost support we can while they fight this pandemic.

Feed the Lung center 4

Many groups have done their part in giving back to frontliners during this time. One of many is a group called “Feed the Lung Center.”  Initially started by Desiree Benipayo and Sandra Victoria, they were able to contact people from the Fil-Chi circle to join the group. Eventually, they were able to gather enough donations and meals so that they could provide meals to frontliners.

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Some of the members of this group are also restaurateurs, so they were able to use that to their advantage.  The meal packs include a cup of rice, a portion of vegetables and a bowl of a lovingly prepared dish. It also includes desserts like a pack of hopia, slices of pineapples, and some pieces of Indian mangoes.

Feed the Lung Center

From 100 meals in one hospital, the “Feed the Lung Center” Viber group now sends out 250 meals per day to four centers: The Lung Center of the Philippines, Sauyo District Health Center, Banlat District Health Center, and Quirino Talipapa Health Center, all located in Quezon City.

Feed the Lung Cnter 2

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The frontliners have all expressed their gratitude towards the group, even mentioning that the meal packs look like they were prepared with care. You can help donate to frontliners by joining the “Feed Lung Center” Viber group.

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