Helen On Fleek: One on One Interview With Your “Not Your Typical Beauty Vlogger”

helen on fleek

She is Helen Payawal, a.k.a. Helen On Fleek. On her online bio, she describes herself as: “not your typical beauty vlogger.”

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Well, she really is not your typical beauty vlogger because she’s done fantastic makeup tutorials online.

Helen became more famous when she did an #extremeridemakeupchallenge. She dared to defy limits and expectations by attempting to do her kilay at a place where you least expect it: Skyranch’s Drop Tower!

helen payawal

It was hilarious AF! You may read the hilarious article here. 

We had the privilege to interview her and she was really accommodating!

Do you want to know more about her? Here is my one on one interview with her! Let’s start reading, shall we?

When In Manila Interviews Your Not Your Typical Beauty Vlogger

When In Manila Millie: How are you? Please tell us something about yourself?

HelenOnFleek: I’m Helen Payawal, commonly known by the Internet as HelenOnFleek and I am not your typical beauty vlogger. I do makeup tutorials and I try to make it more interesting by adding some humor to it.

When In Manila Millie: How long have you been blogging/vlogging?

HelenOnFleek: I’ve been vlogging for almost 2 years already.

When In Manila Millie: When did you start loving makeup?

HelenOnFleek: I got interested in makeup when I was in college. It was the time when almost all of my friends are celebrating their 18th birthday – which would require to glam up. I can’t afford to get a makeup artist, but I also can’t afford to look stupid so – i gotta do it on my own. Lol!

When In Manila Millie: Lol! I can relate! I also can’t afford and know nothing about makeup! So, who influenced you to do makeup?

HelenOnFleek: My kikay friends! Then I started searching for beauty tutorials on Youtube and my first favorite gurus were Michelle Phan and Bubzbeauty.

When In Manila Millie: Oh my, it’s a shame I don’t know them! Anyway, I know this is tricky, but what’s your favorite brand?

HelenOnFleek: O M G. It’s like asking me to eat just one food for the rest of my life! Hahaha! I don’t have a favorite brand because I believe that makeup brands have their own strengths. For example, I prefer Makeup For Ever for my foundation but I’d choose Anastasia Beverly Hills for my eyeshadows — and the list goes on. Hahaha!

When In Manila Millie:  HAHAHAHA. Correct! Okay, the next question is: What’s the most requested makeup tutorial you’ve ever done?

HelenOnFleek: My viewers usually ask for celebrity inspired makeup tutorials but usually i try to give them something new (and crazy hahaha).

When In Manila Millie: Have you ever experienced makeup disasters? If yes, could you please share with us one or two stories?

HelenOnFleek: Of course! There’s this one time when I had to go to a morning event and as the usual Helen, I woke up late — ended up doing my face in the car. With bad lighting and added pressure of bad traffic, my foundation looked so cakey! And you know what’s worse? It was a beauty event.

When In Manila Millie: Yikes! I can only imagine! I know you’re already a makeup guru, but what is that one makeup product you can’t live without? Kasi ako, I can’t live without a mascara!

HelenOnFleek: I’m pretty sure you saw this coming! Haha! Brow product because kilay is life!

When In Manila Millie: Let’s talk about your viral video (HAHAHAHAHA): Why did you do that? And, what was on your mind? HAHAHAHA

HelenOn Fleek: My multi-channel network (Adober Studios) in partnership with Skyranch, asked us to feature the amusement park in a video. From there, the not your typical beauty vlogger kicked in. Hahaha! I just know I had to do something crazy with my makeup – thus the Extreme Makeup Challenge! All I could think during the ride was my brow pen not to fall off from my hand :)

When In Manila Millie: That was fantastic, though! I was ROFLing to the point my kids asked me: “what’s happening to you mum?” Anyway, who is your favorite makeup guru?

HelenOnFleek: NikkieTutorials is my favorite.

When In Manila Millie: Who’s your makeup peg?

HelenOnFleek: Still NikkieTutorials! We have the same face and eye shape so it’s easy for me to follow her techniques.

When In Manila Millie: If you were given a chance to be someone’s makeup artist, who would it be and why? (Yes, pang Miss Universe ang question ko, LOL)

HelenOnFleek: Oh my! Hmm. I’d love to work with Ms. Pia Wurtzbach someday. I’ve been binge watching her Miss U videos and I think she has an amazing personality – and I’d love to know more about her. I think we’ll be laughing throughout the session!

pia makeup

Pia she does her own makeup! 

When In Manila Millie: Have you ever had a conflict with one of your followers? How did you handle it?

HelenOnFleek: Yes, it was during the peak of my Extreme Makeup Challenge video and some of them called it “attention-seeking” and “stupid”. I just brushed it off and focused on the positive.

When In Manila Millie: What’s your favorite place in Manila? / Philippines?

HelenOnFleek: My favorite spot in Manila is Divisoria. I’m a proud divi girl! I find joy in cheap and useful things.

New Divisoria

The new Divisoria. Divisoria is a place in Manila that’s known f low-priced goods.

When In Manila Millie: What’s your favorite food?

HelenOnFleek: I’m a sucker for cream-based pastas!

When In Manila Millie: Same here. What advice can you give to a newbie makeup vlogger?

HelenOnFleek: Just be yourself! People will love you for who you are. When I started, I thought no one would like my content because I am not quite the typical beauty vlogger; but as it turned out – that was exactly what they loved about me. Also, be patient. Don’t focus on the numbers, rather focus on your audience.

When In Manila Millie: Well said, my dear! Fill in the blank: I am beautiful because _______________.

HelenOnFleek: I chose to be me and not try to be someone else.

When In Manila Millie: Lastly, please complete the sentence: When in Manila _____________.

HelenOnFleek: Thank you so much for getting to know me! It’s an honor to be featured here. More power to you guys and let’s keep slayin’ 2017!

Thank you very much, for your time and patience answering my questions.

Truly, Helen’s attitude and charisma are contagious! She is jolly, very down-to-earth person, and full of positivity in life! If you are a newbie beauty vlogger, follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and subscribe to her YouTube makeup tutorial videos! You will surely learn a lot!

helen on fleek

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