Hecky’s Lechon: Less Fat, Oven Baked Organic Cebu Style Lechon!


 Hecky’s Lechon!


When in Manila and craving for lechon but worrying about all the guilt of eating all that fat afterwards, worry no more because Hecky’s Lechon is here to the rescue!

As the Sooo Pinoy Ultimate Food Blogger, my main task is to promote our very own cuisine of course! We all know how  rich and tasty our dishes are.. no question about that! I thought about the Filipino dishes which I wanted to highlight… even made  a list so I won’t forget however, after looking at it, I realized how unhealthy they are!! OUCH!!! I don’t wanna kill my readers of course so I did a little research to look for healthier options! As for our national dish the LECHON…… I’m sure you’d all agree that every Filipino special occasion ain’t complete without it… but we gotta admit though that we usually end up being hesitant to eat lechon mainly because of  the  guilt feeling afterwards due to its high fat content…. So in my intent to provide you with a much better alternative without sacrificing taste, the universe led me to this establishment…

HECKY’S LECHON – makers of  LESS FAT, OVEN BAKED ORGANIC Cebu-Style Lechon in the Philippines!




This weekend, me and my foodie super friends went to their branch at the SM Mall of Asia Food Court to try out their specialties!!!



Badeth, Bea, Me and Frank




Let me now show you what we tried……



We were blown away by the crispiness of the lechon skin! And yes, it did have less fat in it so I enjoyed the meat more!

Be sure to dip it in vinegar for a more authentic Cebu Lechon experience!



I was surprised to know that Hecky’s Lechon also serves a variety of classic Filipino dishes featuring their signature Lechon of course! Here are some of their best sellers…………


They recommended us to try Hecky’s Lechon Sisig (160php/order) which is one of their best sellers!






I was never a fan of Chicharong Bulaklak but  Hecky’s Lechon converted me into a fanatic!! 

Hands down! Even Frank loved it!!!




I love Kare-Kare! I’m glad Hecky’s Lechon also has their version!!




Hecky’s Lechon also has Lechon Sinigang!




Hecky’s Lechon’s version of Dinuguan




The very interesting and tasty Fried Lechon Wontons at Hecky’s Lechon!

The filling was very “siksik” and tasty!! Very Pinoy in taste I may say! 





a peek at Frank’s plate…. Obviously enjoying Hecky’s Lechon!




Great food at Hecky’s Lechon enjoyed with great friends!!!





we were so satisfied that we just had to go back to personally tell  the people from Hecky’s Lechon what we thought of the food! 




I’m glad I found Hecky’s Lechon! We were all very satisfied especially with their signature Cebu Style Lechon and Chicharong Bulaklak!  


I can confidently recommend it to all of you! Hecky’s Lechon is definitely the healthier choice!



So when in Manila and thinking on where to buy your next lechon for that special occasion of yours to be shared with your loved ones, be sure to pick the healthier and tastier choice!! Choose Hecky’s Lechon!!




Hecky’s Lechon

For details, you may contact us through:
02-8626379 or 02-8625208

join them on Facebook!







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Hecky’s Lechon: Less Fat, Oven Baked Organic Cebu Style Lechon!

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