Healthy Options: Now Also a One-Stop Shop for Organic Food



When in Manila, it isn’t always easy to find regular healthy food, let alone organic food. This is mostly because a lot of people here aren’t exactly sure what the difference is between “regular, healthy” food and organic food to begin with.






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Ever since its inception, Healthy Options has always been considered as the Philippines’ top store chain for natural products. Well, now it aims to become the country’s top store chain for organic products, as well. Overall, Healthy Options‘ mission is to provide top quality, nutritious and great-tasting natural and organic food to health-conscious Filipinos, and they are doing a great job of it so far.




“Regular, Healthy” Food vs. Organic Food by Healthy Options




So, what’s the big difference between “regular” healthy food and the organic food by Healthy Options, you ask?




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For starters, Healthy Options‘ organic food in terms of vegetables is completely planted and harvested by hand. It is also nurtured solely by organic compost, sunlight, and pure spring water, so you can be sure that it contains optimum nutrients.




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Secondly, Healthy Options‘ organic food in terms of livestock is raised in an all-natural environment, so that they grow normally and with a good quality of life. They are also fed with organic vegetables, wholesome grains, and wild insects and bugs.




Conversely, “regular, healthy” food is grown in industrial farms, where synthetic fertilizers, genetically modified organisms and pesticides are used on crops, and growth hormones and steroids are used on animals.




Aside from providing great organic food, Healthy Options also advocates farming that doesn’t produce any pollution or excessive waste for a healthier ecosystem overall.




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During the event, where Healthy Options introduced their organic food, they served nothing but healthy and nutritious food made from theirvery own organic vegetables, herbs, pork, chicken, and eggs sourced from local farmers. Some of the dishes included gluten-free vegetable pasta, a wide array of salads, cucumber juice, and organic lechon. I tasted the food myself and can personally attest that it tasted just as good as “regular” food – if not better!


Romy Sia, Healthy Options‘ managing director also promises that Healthy Options will deliver organic food that is guaranteed fresh and of top quality, just as they have been doing for more than a decade now.




So, When in Manila and wanting to try out organic food, visit your nearest Healthy Options store for reliably fresh and top quality products!




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Healthy Options: Now Also a One-Stop Shop for Organic Food