Having a break time? Here are the top YouTube food channels that will make your mouth water

I love watching YouTube food channels because they let me discover different dishes from all over the world without leaving my seat. I can watch them even during my break time and they will surely make my mouth water with every bite they take on their gastronomic adventures. Also, they allow me to live vicariously through their experiences.

Having a quick break in your little nook can be boring so if you want to add flavor to it while you enjoy a bite or two, you might want to check out these amazing food channels that I personally subscribe to.

Get ready to whet your appetite.

8. Epic Meal Time

Ginormous food not for the faint of heart — if that’s your cup of coffee then Epic Meal Time is for you. These channel of food-obsessed men create the biggest of meals that not just a single person can handle. The dishes they create are delicious yet can make your heart stop… literally. One of my favorite episodes is when they created this huge Filipino cheesesteak. Enjoy!

7. Cooking with Dog

If you like pets and (Japanese) food, Cooking with Dog is the perfect YouTube channel for you. In this channel, Francis, the adorable poodle who hosts the show, shares easy to follow recipes that you can make at home. Now, you can enjoy a good bowl of ramen cooked by a cute canine.

6. Best Ever Food Review Show

A man with a heart of steel to try even the strangest of Filipino food, the Best Ever Food Review Show offers that and more. Relatively new with less than 30 videos to date, this YouTube channel is still amazing because it gives a glimpse how a foreigner experiences Filipino food like balut and dinuguan. Aside from the Philippines, he has also been traveling in different countries in Asia to feast on glorious food!

5. Pagkaing Pinoy TV

For Filipino food hacks, Pagkaing Pinoy TV is a must watch channel. This YouTube channel reveals recipes on how to create at home some of our favorite dishes from Jollibee Chickenjoy to fried chicken ala Max’s. Aside from hacks, the channel also features other Filipino recipes like bulalo, adobo, afritada, lumpiang shanghai, ube halaya, bibingka, and more!

4. Panlasang Pinoy

If you love Filipino food and would like to learn how to create a good plate of one then Panlasang Pinoy is the channel to follow. Although the man behind the channel, Vanjo Merano, is based in the United States, he is a huge fan of Filipino food and shows this by sharing to the world how to cook Filipino dishes. His ultimate goal is for the “Filipino Food to be noticed, known, tasted, and enjoyed by the rest of the world.”

3. Erwan Heussaff

A half-Filipino and half-French foodie, Erwan provides a good balance between food and health. He often features delicious food that won’t damage your diet. A health buff, he also feature workout videos on top of his recipe videos and quick travel vlogs.

2. The Food Ranger

Based in China, Trevor James who is more popularly known as The Food Ranger unveils to the world what legit Chinese food is. Aside from that, he also travels to other countries and films his journey of trying out different street food. You can find him eating street-side and talking to locals about their scrumptious dishes. One thing that I find amusing about The Food Ranger aside from the delicious food he features is that he can often speak in local dialects of the countries he goes to.

1. Mark Wiens/Migrationology

Mark Wiens aka Migrationology is a man who is obsessed with food and travel. So, he makes it a point that he tries as much food as he can as he explores the world. He takes the road less traveled when it comes to eating because he devours food even from the unexplored streets of the cities he visits. Although he is based in Thailand, he sets out on culinary adventures in different countries to give us a taste of great food without leaving our seats. He featured the Philippines before and it proved how delicious our country is!


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How about you? What other YouTube food channels serve as your guilty pleasure during break time or cheat day? 🙂

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