Haven of Love: Animal Sanctuary Opening in Tagaytay, and They Need Volunteers

Imagine a place where animals have the freedom to run free, make friends, and live a comfortable, well-loved life. Isn’t that every animal lover’s dream for our little furry friends? Every day, there are many abused and abandoned animals needing to find safety and shelter.

Well, they are about to find a loving home.

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Saint Roche, a dog products company and host of many animal advocacy events, is soon opening Haven of Love—Home for the Abused and Abandoned Animals. Officially launching on August 28th on a 14,000 square meter lot five minutes away from Tagaytay Rotonda, Saint Roche’s Haven of Love is inviting everyone to come together and help make this dream a wonderful reality.

Let’s LOVE all Dogs and Animals the SAINT ROCHE way!

The Saint Roche family is very happy to announce that with you, we can slowly build our dream. This is not just our project but of all dog lovers in the Philippines. This is a HOME for love. We will be needing everyone to join us in this advocacy. Let’s give our labor of love and make the Philippines a better place for dogs and other animals.

Be one with us in this advocacy! Be a part of the Saint Roche family. Get involved, PM us.

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What is Haven of Love?

Haven of Love will be a three to four year phase-by-phase work in progress with a primary focus to not only feed and care for dogs, cats, and other animals, but also provide them a good life. The project also mandates to create a peaceful and nurturing environment for its inhabitants. John Eraña, a Canadian with a Masters Degree in Architecture, is lending is hand to make this possible.

Raja Menghrajani, a partner at Saint Roche, shares: “This home is not just our dream, but every animal lover’s dream in the Philippines. Who we are are just faciliators and making all animal lovers in the Philippines united so that in unison we can move towards one direction, being good steards of God’s creation.”

Caring for the animals

At Saint Roche’s Haven of Love, animals won’t only receive shelter; they’ll be set on their journey to healing, too. The dog and cat homes will have music playing to calm them down and prevent night terrors, as animals with traumatic experience are very prone to having nightmares. Soft and comfortable bed would also be provided to give them utmost comfort.

Saint Roche Haven of Love: Animal Sanctuary Opening in Tagaytay, and They Need Volunteers

The importance of human-animal connection

Saint Roche believes that human to animal bond is imperative to any pet’s life. Therefore, Haven of Love has found a way to incorporate this way of care into their programa system called the Love Tokens.

Love tokens can be acquired by spending time with the pets and by hugging them:

  • 1 hour of playing with pets = 60 love tokens
  • 30 minutes of swimming with the dogs = 60 love tokens
  • 1 hug to an animal = 1 love token

These love tokens can be used to buy either an overnight stay at the home’s hotel or breakfast. Alternatively, pet lovers who come in groups can even merge their love tokens together to use Haven of Love’s team building facility or campsite for their activities.

Ready to change an animal’s life? Volunteer here

Robie de Guia, another founding partner of the project explains, “Dogs and cats are extremely affectionate animals. More than food and shelter, they require ‘lambing.’ They need love and time with humans.”

Ready to give your time and lambing to these animals? Join the cause. Volunteer by reaching out to Saint Roche. Details found at the bottom of this article.

Want to donate instead?

Your financial help will be very much appreciated by our little furry friends! To donate, head on over to our fundraising page through this link. THANK YOU. <3

“This dream cannot be built overnight. It will be a work in progress. It will take time, a lot of hard work. We encourage everyone to help, and be a part of the process in making everyone’s dream a reality.”
– Saint Roche

Saint Roche