Have a Stress-Free Summer Vacation With the Family at COAST Boracay

I was telling a story about my travels to my sisters one day and as I rambled on for minutes, I realized that they were losing interest in what I was saying. They didn’t respond much and later turned to their phones so I thought, how insensitive of me. My sisters and I are seven and nine years apart, they are still students, and our family hasn’t gone on many trips together. I understood that it’s hard to listen to stories that weren’t relevant to them and from then on, I made a promise to bring them to places.

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Photos: Geree & Pauline Caoile

Choosing Boracay as our first family trip was a no-brainer, of course. Everyone’s been there and has been going back every now and then to experience its beauty–except for my sisters. Since one of them is graduating from college soon (without a Boracay experience, if I may emphasize), I booked the tickets right away and started looking for the best family-friendly hotels in Boracay.

I have traveled a lot in the past. I wasn’t a rookie, but I also wasn’t that experienced–I realized. I’ve traveled alone, with friends, with colleagues, and with family; but being the one in charge of the entire trip is a whole other level! Although I anticipated that it would be different, it was actually a lot harder than I thought.

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Photos: Gizelle Caoile

There are so many things to consider, especially since going to Boracay is not just boarding an airplane–you’d have to go to the jetty from Caticlan or Kalibo, before riding a boat to the island and then commuting to your hotel. And with more than one person and baggage to take care of, at that. Then, you would have to bring out all of your documents again and check in. I could just imagine what traveling with toddlers would have been like… I have nothing but respect for those who were able to manage this on their own! Luckily for us, we booked with one of the best Boracay hotels–COAST Boracay.

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Photos: Gizelle Caoile

We didn’t have to experience all of this hassle because of their airport-to-seaport-to-hotel transfer! They took care of all our luggage and assisted us aboard their own speedboat. We also didn’t have to squeeze in with other passengers and fall in line at the seaport for the terminal fee and boat fare! When we arrived at our beachfront hotel in Station 2, we were welcomed with drinks and wet towels so we could refresh, and then went straight up to our suite.

Coast Boracay’s One-Bedroom Suite was more than enough for the three of us. It resembled connecting rooms so there are access to both areas from the outside (of course, only with your keycard), and there are two bathrooms (both with hot water, rain showers, and bidets) so we weren’t constrained with time. Waiting in line for the bathroom would just cut your time to experience Boracay, and we didn’t have that luxury because it was their first time traveling there as young adults. There are so many things yet to be explored!

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Photos: Gizelle Caoile

After island hopping for the entire day in strong winds and long walks at the beach for sight-seeing, we were delighted to slumber in two (a king-sized and a single) Sealy™ beds with Pacific Coast™ goose feather king pillows and 400-thread count linens! The rooms also have a modern and minimalist design just like the rest of the hotel and are kept squeaky clean with their 24/7 housekeeping, which just adds to our overall comfort. We were in and out with sand on our feet (it even rained on some days) but they’ve kept the suite in top shape! Even if we would just go back in to rest on the sofa bed and watch Netflix for a while before going back out to do more, its comfort and cleanliness made our short breaks worthwhile.

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Photos: Gizelle Caoile

Even though we are a family, we still have different preferences in genres of movies and TV shows; yet we didn’t need to fight for the remote because there are two 43-inch LG™ SMART LED TVs and we can simply shut the door to enjoy our own streaming in our alone time. Nevertheless, the huge screens allowed us to watch a movie together and got to bond there as well.

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Photos: Gizelle Caoile

Since I’ve already mentioned “streaming,” it’s needless to say that Coast Boracay has Wi-Fi. You can also access it anywhere in the hotel so I was able to get some work done and my sisters were able to finish their homework by the swimming pools! That’s right, they have two: a dipping pool and a lap pool that are sure to take all your stresses away. Furthermore, you can boost your endorphins by breaking a sweat at the gym or getting a massage at the spa. There is really no place for bad vibes at Coast, especially with an entire accommodating staff who will greet you with their warm and contagious smiles!

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Photos: Gizelle Caoile

As a fun ate, I also brought my sisters to experience the nightlife in Boracay. We had cocktails by the beach and all that, but there was no room for hangovers with the inclusive buffet breakfast by the beach at Cha Cha’s Beach Cafe! We didn’t have enough of it since there were different spreads every single day, without forsaking buffet staples such as an omelet station, cheese, cereals, desserts, juices, brewed coffee, and more. Ahhh, just imagine… Personally, I thought we could do this all day, every day!

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Photos: Gizelle Caoile

In conclusion, it’s safe to say that Coast Boracay has set the standards for our future travels. Everything you’ll need for a quality Boracay experience with the family is here: the beach, swimming pools, delicious food, and VIP treatment; as well as a gym, a game room with both board and video games for those traveling with kids, and a gift shop that promotes local and sustainable brands. While summer vacations can truly become stressful for the ones in charge, it pays to choose the right hotel that actually accommodates your needs so you can make the most out of your time and money. That being said, I highly recommend traveling with Coast for a stress-free trip!

To know more information and book a room, visit their website (https://www.coastboracay.net/). You may also read more Coast Boracay reviews here and follow them on Facebook (@coastboracay) and Instagram (@coastboracay)!

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