#HaribonGive3: Christmas Gifts That Give Back


It’s the time of the year again.

Kids jingle-belling, family reunions and back-to-back parties that never miss that most-anticipated tradition — gift-giving.

You’re on a budget. But you want that perfect present that will make a lasting impression on your loved ones.

This holiday season, Haribon offers you the Give 3 – Christmas gifts that give back – in three simple (and inexpensive) ways!

Don’t want to use gift wrap? Give an e-card.

Have a friend who loves nature? Give a gift of Haribon membership.

Or, give your loved ones a cool statement shirt or book.

So how is this unique from your usual Christmas shopping list?


Avoid the holiday traffic and give a meaningful gift that you can send to anyone in the world. These E-cards are not only paperless, it speaks for a tree seedling adopted in the name of a loved one, a friend or even an organization or company. You can choose from a wide array of digital cards (and also physical cards). And for every card you get at only P320, seedlings of Philippine native trees such as narra, kamagong and molave will be planted in the name of your recipient.

What’s more is your adopted seedling will be nurtured by Haribon-assisted communities, so you’re worry-free! Surprise your loved ones abroad this holiday season with a gift that gives life. Each E-card helps restore the Philippine forests, one tree at a time. It’s a no-hassle, easy-to-give gift that also gives back!

Haribon Membership

Our members are our power champions! Haribon membership dates back to 1972 when a group of birders came together to not only appreciate nature, but to conserve it. Today, outdoor activities such as bird-watching, tree plantings, tree treks and more are enjoyed by Haribon members. We are made up of ordinary men and women, students and professionals, and outdoor enthusiasts who want to pitch into an extraordinary cause. Members help create a culture where everyday people are educated and start acting for the environment. Give your nature-lover friend a gift that lasts a whole year. Be part of the Haribon movement today!


Shirts and books are a classic Kris Kringle favorite. Haribon offers an exciting version that benefits the worthy cause of preserving natural resources and the care for endangered species. Represent nature conservation with a t-shirt or with any of our available items in exchange for a kind donation. Limited stocks only so hurry!

Proceeds from this campaign will benefit the nature conservation programs of Haribon Foundation.

Go green this Christmas season! The gifts you get from us are also a gift for generations to come.

To support this cause, call 911-6088 or visit bit.ly/give3haribon.

Happy holidays from the Haribon Foundation.

About Haribon Foundation

Haribon Foundation for the Conservation of Natural Resources, Inc. is a membership organization committed to nature conservation through community empowerment and scientific excellence. Hatched in 1972, it is the pioneer environmental organization in the Philippines.

It’s natural and social scientists work with communities and people from all levels governance to promote biodiversity conservation.

Act. Make an Impact. Protect, Conserve and Save Biodiversity. Be a Haribon member today. Register: bit.ly/joinHF and e-mail to membership@haribon.org.ph. SIGN UP NOW!