Happy Greens PH: Your Adorable Desk Buddy!


Prevent yourself from getting worn out while working or studying with these cute succulent buddies by Happy Greens PH! Providing you with your own cactus buddy that best fits your personality, Happy Greens PH is a project by the Integrated Marketing Communications students of the University of Asia and the Pacific. The aim of the project is to spread happiness and motivation through these cute plants.


Curvy Candace from Happy Greens PH

Curvy Candace

Curvy Candice’s personality (grabbed from Happy Greens PH’s Facebook Page)


Flowy Fiona from Happy Greens PH

Flowy Fiona

Flowy Fiona’s personality (grabbed from Happy Greens PH’s Facebook Page)

As you guys can see from the photos above, these succulent cuties have their own personalities – such a cute concept, right? Kudos to the students for this wonderful idea! They’ve got lots of other adorable succulents for sale.

Check out their bestsellers, Priscilla and Candice, on their Facebook Page.

Each Happy Greens PH buddy costs Php150, but they give discounts for bulk orders.


Other than having their own unique personalities, what’s great about the products of Happy Greens PH is that they come with these motivational quotes. Yes, your succulent buddies will cheer you on while you strive to meet those deadlines!


With Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, you may still be searching for a cute and unique gift. If so, why not make the special people in your life smile with the ultimate cuteness of a Happy Greens PH buddy? #GiveLoveThatLasts

Happy Greens PH

Facebook: https://facebook.com/happygreens.ph

Instagram: @happygreensph