Hanson Manila Press Conference at Edsa Shangri-La for the “Shout It Out” Tour

Hanson Manila is ready and set to SHOUT IT OUT this March 30, 2012!

When In Manila was at the press conference of Hanson Manila held at Edsa Shangri-La the day before their concert at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. It was one of the craziest pressers ever: die-hard fans tried (and I’d guess some were successful) to get into the press room, even usurping the seats of bonafide media personnel. This is a testament to the cult following of the boys even after establishing themselves as independent artists.


Hanson Manila


The press conference for Hanson Manila started around 3:30 PM. (Tip for the wise: According to the brothers, “Hanson time” is always a little late, so you might want to eat dinner before charging to the Coliseum.) Isaac, Taylor, and Zac played acoustic versions of “Thinking ‘Bout Somethin'” and “Give A Little”. The songs are reminiscent of the upbeat, feel-good tunes of their first album. It’s nice to know that amidst the maturing of their voices, the Hanson brothers continue to blend their voices very well as a trio. (In fact, I like their voices more these days.)


Isaac on guitars, Zac on percussion, and Taylor on keyboards

The Hanson Manila press conference continued as Hanson entertained some questions from the media. The guys were really candid with the media and each other during the Q&A. Here are some fun/interesting topics covered during the presser:

When asked how they’d react if their children would ask their permission to pursue a career in music, the brothers would want their children to explore other options first. More so, Zac makes his point: “If you ask for permission, you’re probably not someone who should be doing it.” Or as Achilles would say, “IMMORTALITY! Take it! It’s yours!”



Asked for words of inspiration for other independent artists, Zac explained, “Every choice we made was to follow that original vision for us.” From being a multi-platinum selling band then deciding to go independent, these guys are the anti-thesis of selling out!


A very thoughtful Zac on their decision to become independent artists 

And who do they think would do justice to covering their hit single “MMMBop”? “The BeeGees would have been awesome!” “Maybe the Doobie Brothers!” “Why don’t we have Mumford & Sons?” “I’d like to hear a Dr. Dre version!”


With Manila Concert Scene’s Danica and Jamie

So When In Manila or Cebu, don’t miss your chance to catch Hanson Manila this March 30 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum and March 31 at the Waterfront Cebu Hotel and Casino. In case you missed it, here’s the poster with the ticket prices.



 Hanson Manila


This concert is brought to us by Dayly Entertainment. Manila tickets are available at all Ticketnet outlets. 

 Hanson Manila Press Conference at Edsa Shangri-La for the “Shout It Out” Tour

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