#HangoutFridays: Backroom at Jupiter Makati, Good Food, Cold Beer



If you want a cool place to chill out that does not have banging music, a wild crowd– not that it’s boring– but there are some nights where you would just like to be at peace with a few friends, have a bottle or two and talk your hearts content. You should visit The Backroom at Jupiter Street, When In Manila


Located at the former Distillery Jupiter (it’s near Edsa and next to Moonshine) it’s a perfect place to chill out after a hectic day at work. I discovered The Backroom ’cause I was looking for a place that has internet and a good ambiance one night and I saw that they have this aircon smoking room, good internet connection and affordable beer! Much to my surprise, we rarely have that combination in Makati nowadays, so I’m glad I discovered The Backroom.


Their Mojitos which had a lot of mint leaves just I preferred were really good! Tall glass as well. The best Mojito I’ve tasted so far was when I went to Malaysia for work and ordered one in Kuala Lumpur (should be as I paid Php 800.00 for it!). This was really close to that but not the same price. They also have a variety of cocktails to choose from if you’re up for a girly drink.


The Backroom’s Tequila Sunrise (You can ask for more grenadine or syrup if you’d like it to be sweeter)


I’ve never tried SuperBock before and I was really curious as to what it was since it was a really affordable international beer. It’s a Portuguese brew of strong pale lager (bock) from the Unicer brewery, thus the name. It comes in 3 variants in The Backroom which are Classic (5.8% ABV): A strong lager beer, Stout (5% ABV): A black beer and Green (4% ABV): A sweet pils with lemon flavouring. I couldn’t choose one even though I normally do with beers. But I noticed that I would choose them depending on my mood.

The Classic one was a go-to beer. If you’re indecisive and would just like any SuperBock, go for the Classic. The Stout was the best black beer I’ve had in a while. It’s lighter in taste compared to German stout beers I’ve tried and definitely smoother than our local Cerveza Negra. I would have a Stout if I’m pairing it with something sweet like dessert. Stout or black beers are an excellent match for desserts!

The Green, of which my girl friends loved was for the night of light drinking. It would be my pick if I wanted a light and refreshing drink as it has a lemon flavor.

Good alcohol variety at a bar? Of course. Typical. But good food? I was really surprised. They served Kebab, steak and seared tuna which was really tender. The pesto pasta and their wings are highly recommended.


If you’re not up for something heavy (although I recommend you dine here as well) you can opt for some finger food to pair with your SuperBock beer. Their serving of Nachos was huge! Good for 5 people or more. backroomP1000981_batch

For a chill Friday, Saturday or whichever night (I usually come on Tuesdays) come to The Backroom at Jupiter Street for some cold SuperBock and good food, When In Manila