Hai Kang Seafood Restaurant: Not Your Ordinary Chinese Food


WHEN IN MANILA, celebrate special days at Hai Kang Seafood Restaurant and have a sumptuous Chinese feast.


 Hai Kang Seafood Restaurant


FYI: Hai Kang Seafood Restaurant was formerly known as Harbour City Restaurant.


Hai Kang 4 Kinds Hot Cuts (Large – Php 1,500)


This is the perfect appetizer to immediately put a smile on everyone’s faces.


Hot Chicken Salad – light, sweet and savory 🙂


Sweet and Sour Spareribs, Prawns with Veggies, Spiced Crispy Squid


They were all so yummy and wonderful that I had to control myself from getting more or else I won’t have any room left for the main dishes.


Prawn Laksa with Fried Mantou (Php  180 per piece)


The best prawn laksa here in Manila couldn’t be found in any Singaporean restaurant in the metro, but here in Hai Kang Seafood Restaurant.  Yes, you read that right. It’s true – go and find out for yourselves. 


 Fried Tao-Pe (Beancurd) Roll with Country-Style Sauce (Large – Php 800)



The roll was stuffed with minced pork wrapped in fried beancurd skin – perfectly matched with a creamy white sauce mixed with potatoes and shrimps. YUMMEH!


Kalabasa Seafood Soup (Large – Php 1,000)


Hai Kang’s new dishes are truly amazing. Pumpkin soup is not so ordinary anymore, mixed with chunks of fresh seafoods – shrimp, squid, crab stick, clams, scallops and fish. 


Steamed Eel with Lotus Leaves Rice (Php 1,800 per kilo)


This is gourmet Chinese fried rice. Imagine freshwater eel and Chinese chorizo mixed in white rice with taosi sauce. It was pure bliss in every spoonful. 


 Egg White with Seafood (Large – Php 1,200)


Wow!!! A crowd favorite indeed 🙂 The egg white was not mashed but were cut and stirred together with chopped seafood and topped with pork floss. Up to this day, I am still asking myself – how can egg white be so delicious? 


Hai Kang’s Fried Soft Shell Crab with Salt and Pepper (Large – Php 1,200)


OMG! My heart stopped as I saw this on our table. I fell in love the moment my eyes laid on those enticing crispy soft shell crabs with salted egg. I fell in love all over again after having that first bite. *sigh*


Udon Noodles with Seafood Sate Sauce (Large – Php 700)


This is the counterpart of Japanese restaurant’s yakiudon, only better!


Fried Masachi (Php 80 – 4 pieces)


Hot Black Sesame Seed Dumpling Soup (Large – Php 500)


Dessert, dessert! If you are tired of the regular mango sago, it’s time that you try Hai Kang’s hot black sesame seed dumpling soup. It has the right amount of sweetness with sticky balls surprise. Another good dessert alternative would be the fried masachi balls that has black sesame inside.


WHEN IN MANILA, enjoy an authentic and lavish Chinese feast at Hai Kang Seafood Restaurant. Just make sure you get there early because they have limited parking; or, befriend a guard at nearby establishments and park there 🙂



 227 Wilson St., Greenhills,

San Juan, Metro Manila


For Reservations, please call:





Menu: Hai Kang Seafood Restaurant Set Menu


WhenInManila photos by JoTan23


Hai Kang Seafood Restaurant: Not Your Ordinary Chinese Food


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