Gustaco: A Hidden Taco Spot in Marikina Worth The Search

The thing about many hole-in-the-wall food spots is that it’s usually where amazing food can be found; it’s always all about the food. Marikina is home to many hidden food spots that emerged from a great passion for food, and one of those is the newly-opened taco joint, Gustaco.

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Gustaco started as a pandemic project by a group of friends from high school. Even though it just celebrated its first month of operations this February, it certainly doesn’t feel like it. The food, the brand, and the overall service of this taco joint are already so excellent and they offer quite a remarkable dining experience.

Gustaco’s space may be quite intimate with a few dining tables, but you’ll definitely come back again and again thanks to their amazing food.

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Their menu is quite compact at the time, but that’s because they know exactly what works for everyone. They handpicked their personal favorites to include in the menu, so everything you see on it is the owners’ favorites!

Their menu consists of tacos, burrito wraps, burrito bowls, and a variety of choices. We got to try a few of Gustaco’s bestsellers, and the highlight for me was their Quesabirria which is Gustaco’s cheesy version of the mouthwatering birria tacos.

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I personally loved the crunch of the tortilla combined with the super flavorful beef and the rich creamy cheese that comes with every bite! I also couldn’t get over how flavorful, juicy, and tender the meat is. Plus, the savory consomme makes it all the more addicting. The Quesabirria is definitely at the top of the must-try list.

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For tacos, they also have the Chicken BBQ taco which features a whole chicken tender sitting on top of homemade coleslaw, wrapped in a soft tortilla, and drizzled with a tasty barbeque sauce. They also have regular Beef tacos and Fish tacos which would be perfect for Lent.

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They also have massive burrito wraps—yes, they are humongous that one order can be enough for two people. It has your choice of meat, seasoned rice, and fries! Gustaco’s owners even revealed that the huge size actually became a slight problem for them because the burrito wraps were just too big!

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If you want something lighter than their burrito wraps, you can go for Gustaco’s Burrito Bowls instead. It’s a lighter choice simply because it doesn’t have fries and a soft tortilla unlike the burrito wrap, but it packs just as much flavor! I was actually pleasantly surprised with how savory and flavorful the beef and rice were in their burrito bowl—it’s definitely a great choice if you want to indulge your tastebuds with delectable flavors.

Not in the mood for a full meal? Their appetizers and sides are worth the spotlight, too.

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The Honey Sriracha Chickfry features a perfect blend of sweet and spicy with their original honey-sriracha sauce that’s drizzled over a hearty serving of fries and crispy chicken bites! This is also one of the owners’ favorites, and it’s easy to see why. Even we couldn’t get enough of the amazing flavors.

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Their Loaded Nachos is also a must-try because it is as loaded as nachos can be. Their nachos are actually made with fried tortilla chips and topped with savory ground beef, onions, corn, and original sauce. It’s so good and we couldn’t get enough!

Gustaco is still building its menu to include house-blend drinks, but even with just a number of items, they’re already making a great name for themselves—not just in their neighborhood, but even in other cities of Greater Metro Manila. They have regular customers all the way from BGC.

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If you’re in the Marikina area, Gustaco is definitely one food spot worth checking! Be prepared to be filled and satisfied with their extra flavorful and mouthwatering Tex-Mex dishes.


33 Champaca St., Marikina Heights, Marikina City

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