GSPOT Resto Grill: Spot for ihaw, beer and good music.

When In Manila, up for some filipino ihaw, cold beer, chill ambiance and old school music
check out Gspot Resto Grill down south at the famous Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes Paranaque.


South of Manila has been dubbed as the chill-zone of the metro. For it’s slow-paced life, relaxing ambiance away from the Metro, many come to the comforts of the south to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Though over the years, Aguirre Avenue is being crowded by loud bars to keep high-intensity night outs to be within reach. I can personally name 20 bars here in the south that covers that specific ambiance. Loud banging “music” and food not up to par with quality.

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Don’t get me wrong, Some nights are made for  that. But most nights, you’d want to get a cold beer, hang out with some friends and actually “talk” without music overpowering your conversations. Usually you’d hang around your friends’ garage or porch a few nights to have the solemnity of it but I’ve managed to find places in BF that is just that.


That’s how Gspot started, according to Mr. Ron, one of the founders. 
It all started when they went biking around the south area.  After biking, they have to try several grilling restaurants.  
They created an idea of putting up a barbeque food center for bikers and passers by. They normally stay at garage areas of their own houses, until they found a spot.

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 They made sure that the restaurant’s décor were the very basic but unique things that you see in a garage, to remind them where everything started and to make their customer’s feel comfortable when they go to G-Spot.  So, it is where the name G-Spot was coined. 

So me and my friends (famously anecdoted being beer, good food and conversation lovers) checked it out.

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Food was either grilled or sizzled.

gspot (16)

 Mama Ron’s Rice

Php 180.00 (Serves around 2-3 people) 
It had bits of pork sisig cooked in butter topped with egg. I would order this as is no need for viands!


gspot (11)

 Pork Sisig 

Php 190.00 
If you’re a sisig lover, this is highly recommended.
Crunchy, savory, creamy. Perfect with a chilled bottle of beer


gspot (1)

Sizzling Balut (Duck Egg)
Php 180.00
Really good pulutan. I recommend dipping it in a mix of soy and vinegar–a staple for Balut lovers out there.
These are cooked penoy eggs, for the faint hearted, don’t be scared. 


gspot (3)

 Buffalo Wings

Php 190.00
If you like butter, you’d like this style of buffalo wings.

They serve a variety of alcohol: From a local selection of beer, simple cocktails from
 Weng-weng to Margarittas, hard liquor such as brandy, vodka and even wine.

They also serve pitchers of cocktailed drinks to serve your group:

gspot (18)

Best part about Gspot is they have good 80’s and 90’s music.

In search for a spot where you and your friends can talk, have a drink and some sizzling food:
check out Gspot Resto Grill, When In Manila

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 #167 Aguirre Ave. BF Homes, Parañaque 


0915 476 6220