WATCH: Gretchen Ho and Ninong Ry Visit Binondo in “Crossroad Convos”

A new video feature dubbed Crossroad Convos brings viewers to places and conversations with people. The video stars TV host Gretchen Ho and celebrity chef Ninong Ry traversing the streets of culture-rich Binondo to sample the food, swap stories, and capture memories.

Crossroad Convos is part of the umbrella campaign iPhone for All, which showcases the iPhone as a powerhouse device that can keep up with one’s busy lifestyle—whether it’s going the extra mile at work or just having a blast during leisure time.

“In this video feature, we learn that celebrities are just people like us whose jobs are made easier with technology. We are taking our followers to an extraordinary yet utterly familiar location to show how this device has become an extension of the lives we live. Power Mac Center is inviting smartphone users to upgrade or finally make the switch to iPhone and experience the best we have to offer,” says Joey Alvarez, PMC Director of Product Management and Marketing.

Those who follow the life story and comedic culinary chops of viral content creator Ryan Reyes, more commonly known as Ninong Ry, may already know that he started shooting his cooking videos on an iPhone at the height of the pandemic lockdowns. He used to be an Android user but found switching to iOS a breeze.

For Gretchen’s part, covering stories on the go requires a dependable device that can shoot and edit photos and videos in high quality to pass TV standards. The latest series, including the iPhone 13 Pro Max, has the biggest Pro camera system upgrade ever. She also pairs it with her Apple Watch to keep up with her active lifestyle.

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Photo from Power Mac Center

“Nung naka-Android ako before tapos nag-transition ako to iPhone, akala ko sobrang hirap ng migration. Hindi pala (When I was using Android before and then transitioned to iPhone, I thought migration will be difficult. It wasn’t),” viral content creator Ninong Ry says, adding that while moving from Android to iPhone is easy, upgrading from iPhone to a newer iPhone model is even easier as transferring files can be done within minutes.

“P’wede ka nang gumamit lang ng iPhone to shoot, to edit, tapos ipasa mo na kaagad. ‘Yung quality ng iPhone, pang-TV na (You can already use an iPhone to shoot, to edit, and then submit at once. The quality of iPhone is up to TV’s standards),” celebrity-athlete Gretchen Ho adds.

Find out Gretchen’s and Ninong Ry’s favorite things about the iPhone and the best dishes they ate in Binondo in the video here:

As part of its mission to bring the Apple technology closer to more Filipinos, Power Mac Center is offering the iPhone 13 and iPhone 11 in different capacities at up to Php15,000 off. Find out more at Power Mac Center.

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