Grand Sierra Pines: One of Our Favorite Family-Friendly Hotels in Baguio

The ber months are coming up and Baguio is the ideal location to truly embrace the cool weather we have been waiting for. Who better to spend special moments with than those dearest to our hearts? Well, we have found a great hotel for your family: Grand Sierra Pines.
Grand Sierra Pines is a great getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city and an opportunity to enjoy nature at its finest. If foggy mornings overlooking the evergreen pine trees with a cup of hot chocolate are your scene, here’s a guide to this family-friendly hotel:

Book the Loft.

This room is every modernist’s dream. It’s a sophisticated two-floor accommodation that maximizes the whole space whilst maintaining comfort and convenience. It has three beds (1 king-sized and 2 single-sized), two balconies, and two bathrooms. They are all in the same room, but manage to give privacy between the parents and the children.
Price: Php16,485.00 (+ Php1,500.00 additional pax)

Chill at the Atrium Lobby Café.

Unwind with a scenic view at this cafe as you gaze on the beauty of the pine trees slowly being embraced by the fog while drinking some authentic Hot Chocolate (or coffee for adults). The Atrium Lobby Cafe has several indoor lamp heaters to make guests feel comfortable, especially the children and the elderly.
Breakfast is also conducted in this area. They have a buffet table where you can go All-American (Bacon, Pancakes, and Eggs) or Full-Filipino with Tapa, Danggit, and Sinangag (garlic rice) – take your pick! Their Egg Station’s Omelette and Ube Tart and Fresh Fruit as dessert are must-tries.
TOP TIP: Hot Chocolate is free during the breakfast buffet! Save some money and savor this local delicacy to start your day.
Price: FREE BREAKFAST for Checked-in Guests (+ Php500 additional pax)
On the Menu: (Breakfast Cycle Varies Daily) Soups, Appetizers, Salad Bar, Ensalada, Fruits, 4-5 Main Dishes, Breads and Pastries, Cereals, 2-3 Juice Stations, and Egg Station

Let the Kids Have Fun at the Playground While You Hit the Gym.

The cold weather shouldn’t stop you from exercising. You can let the children run and play at the playground of Grand Sierra Pines as you run a mile or two at the gym. The setting is perfect because you can easily keep an eye on the children from the gym.
Price: FREE
Features: Playground (Swing, Slide, and Wall Climbing) / Gym (Treadmill, Stationary Bike, Weights, and Barbell Machine + Shower Room)

Rejuvenate at the Spa.

After a long and tiring day of exploring, a spa is a good idea to relieve you of fatigue. Enjoy a quality massage from expert masseurs (some of them have been in the profession for seven years now!). Your body will thank you for it.
Price: Swedish Massage Php650 / Combination Massage Php600
Features: Couple Massage Room, Aromatics, Finnish Sauna

Have a True Gastronomic Experience at The Outlook Steak and Grill.

As they say, a family that eats together stays together. The Outlook Steak and Grill does not disappoint as they serve the finest cuisine. You will appreciate this because you won’t have to go far to eat good food.
Both kids and adults will love the Almond Cereal Crusted Prawns. It’s made with fresh prawns coated in crunchy breading to elevate the seafood goodness. It’s best paired with the Tapuey Sangria Blanco, a traditional alcoholic rice drink unique to Benguet.
Though the prawns and other dishes such as the Black Truffle Mushroom Soup, Crispy Squid Rings, and Mesquite Baby Back Ribs are already winners, you will not want to miss out on what they are really known for: their steak.
We tried their Wagyu Striploin Steak and Wagyu Ribeye Steak and they’re like butter in your mouth. Each thrust of your knife seamlessly cuts the meat and every bite of the tenderness of the Wagyu is well-seasoned as it teases your tastebuds – a true gastronomic experience! You’ll understand why some foreigners keep coming back to The Outlook Steak and Grill just to eat their steaks again. They’re best paired with Bugnay Wine, another local drink.
For dessert, words cannot express how much we love their Apple Cobbler. Its piping-hot apple filling topped with crumbs will wash down all the umami in the best and sweetest way possible. It’s a real comfort food you will enjoy on a cold day.
Price: Php1,000.00+
On the Menu: Salad, Pasta, Steak, Seafood, Burgers, Appetizers, Dessert, Wines (Featured on the photos- Almond-Cereal Crusted Prawns, Wagyu Striploin Steak, and Apple Cobbler)

Spend Quality Time with Books and Boards.

Aside from the Atrium Lobby Café, Grand Sierra Pines also has a library where you can read various book collections or play board games to pass the time. It’s always a good time for you and your family to take a break from social media, so invite your kids over to play a game of chess or two.
Price: FREE
Features: Books, Magazines, Children’s Books, Board Games (Chess, Scrabble, Domino), Other Games (Crocodile Dentist)

Pasalubong Time!

They also have an in-house bakery where you can buy pasalubong for your friends and relatives. They even have jams and lengua, so you don’t have to buy them elsewhere! You might be amazed by the prices of their bread, too. However, despite its low price, it’s definitely good enough to be at par with famous pastry shops in Manila.
Price: Php15 – Php90
On the Menu: Ensaymada, Cheese Roll, Lengua
Now that’s one less item to think about in your itinerary for your ultimate #WhenInBaguio adventure! Share this post and tell us about your next travel plans!

Grand Sierra Pines

No. 43 North Outlook Drive, Baguio
(074) 619 0488 / 0995 489 0873 / 0928 846 6566
Facebook / Instagram: @sierrapinesbaguio / @theoutlookbgo

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