Government Launches App for Monitoring of Protected Wildlife

Wildlife forest

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The Philippine government, through the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), released an app that will help park rangers and planners to monitor protected wildlife.

The app is called “Lawin Forest and Biodiversity Protection System.”

The app allows the users to share information about what they find in the field so authorities can respond faster to needs of hundreds of protected species and resources. The app aims to be a tool in identifying and prosecuting wildlife crimes.

The app launch was held in Fuyot Spring National Park (FSNP) in Ilagan City, Isabela. It is one of largest protected areas in the country. It overlaps the 360,000-hectare Northern Sierra Madre Natural Park (NSMNP).

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The system also enables wildlife patrol rangers, which are mostly community volunteers, to quickly alert wildlife officers to recent clearing of wooded areas, and allows them to upload observations and photos of signs of illegal logging as evidence, and send these photos to concerned law enforcement agencies.

Do you think the app will be effective in protecting the wildlife in the country?