LOOK: The Newest Slime-Themed Indoor Playground in Manila Is Here!

Many picture-perfect and unique hangout spots have been popping up all over the country, which means that there are so many more things for you and your loved ones to do together. In case you’re already running out of cool things to do with your family or your barkada, you’ll be glad to know that the newest and trendiest spot in Manila has just opened its doors to the public!

Gootopia is the newest must-try experience in Metro Manila. It’s a slime-themed indoor park/playground that’s truly a wonderland for kids and kids-at-heart. Whether you already love slime or you’re just looking for something new to enjoy in the city, you’re guaranteed to have an amazing time at this newest attraction.

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This slime-themed spot is as crazy and as quirky as it gets. Their vibrant and colorful signages and exteriors will surely grab your attention even if you’re just passing by outside Gootopia. It’s not easy to resist the call of something so unique and one-of-a-kind!

We had the chance to experience Gootopia before it opens to the public on August 5. Here’s what you can expect from Manila’s newest must-see spot!

What to see at Manila’s newest crazy attraction

Once you enter the “Mess Hall”, guests will be given a score card. Gootopia is filled with a variety of crazy games and slime-themed experiences, so it’s only right that you try them all.

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For every game and obstacle you try, you get points! Once you reach a certain number of points, you can design your own slime at the Slime Lab by the end of your “journey” around Gootopia.

In case you want to get your hands into slime right away (because it is a slime-themed attraction after all), you can instantly make your way to the Slime Pool which is right by the Mess Hall doors. But for everyone’s safety, you’ll be required to wash your hands before playing with the Slime Pool.

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As someone who only encountered slime for the first time at Gootopia, I instantly understood all the hype about it. It was extremely satisfying to play with!

Once you’re done with the Slime Pool and you’re ready to start earning points for your score card, you can already start with all the fun games and activities. Here are just a few of our favorites:

1. Balloon Blaster

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This competitive game is more fun with a friend. Using pumps, you and your friend will race to blow up balloons until they burst. Be prepared for quite an arm workout with this game!

2. Goolectic Challenge

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If you’re familiar with those wire loop games we got to play at science fairs or playgrounds, this is Gootopia’s version of that. It’s definitely challenging and I couldn’t even go past 10 points, but it was worth trying, especially since it was so nostalgic.

3. Strike! Human Bowling

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This human bowling game was definitely one for the books and is one attraction you’d love to try again and again. You’ll essentially sit on a huge “bowling ball” slash “wrecking ball” and try to topple as many life-sized bowling pins as possible!

4. Slime Spy

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If you love spy movies and you’ve always wanted to know how well you can go across a room with lasers all around, this is your chance to try it. All you have to do is get to the other side of the room and tap two markers while avoiding all the moving lasers across the room!

Get slimed!

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Of course, no slime experience is complete without getting slimed—just like how they do it on TV! Yes, you can finally experience getting slimed with Gootopia’s Slime Dunk.

Don’t worry about your clothes getting destroyed because they’ve got complete protection from head to toe. All you have to do is enjoy the bucket of sweet-smelling slime pouring down on your head.

The Goozooka even lets you shoot slime out of a “bazooka”, great for blasting your friends with slime or getting blasted by slime in the face!

Design your own slime

gootopia 42

Once you’ve finished all the games and you’ve earned enough points, you can finally make your way to the Slime Lab. Here’s where you can design your very own slime!

You can choose the base, your slime’s color, your choice of scent, and even glitter and charms. As a first-timer in the slime world, it was such a fun experience to customize my own (and first!) slime.

Of course, your slime is for you to bring home. They even added in a free slime activator so that the slime doesn’t stick to the hands.

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If you’re just as proud of your customized slime as I am, then you should instantly head to the Slime Studio where you can shoot satisfying videos of your newly-mixed slime. The studio booth has a compartment for your phone and a ring light for you to shoot the perfect flat lay videos with your slime.

An Instagrammable slime wonderland

In case your customized slime isn’t enough for you to take home, Gootopia has lots of slime and slime-making products available at their Slime Shack store. They even have shirts and other cute things you’d love to have at home.

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With so many new things to try and such unique experiences inside Gootopia, it’s no secret that this is set to be the newest must-visit attraction by families, barkadas, and people of all ages—whether or not they’re slime fans!

Book your tickets to Gootopia online to score the best deals and promos, and instantly save PHP 100! Visit www.gootopia.com for tickets. Tickets start at PHP 699.

Watch our experience here:


Level 3, South Entertainment Mall, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay



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