Craft Pub & Grill: Good Food with the Great College Bar Atmosphere



When you hear of the word Pub, perhaps one image that will come to mind is a place where one hangs out to get drinks. However, Craft Pub & Grill is not just a place to get drinks despite the fact that they carry a huge listing of global craft beers, it is also a premiere place to fill an empty stomach. When in Manila and you’re in search of a place which serves fusion cuisine where you can wash it down with your favorite beer, then Craft Pub & Grill should be on your list.




The interiors of Craft veers away from the traditional pub looks but instead adapts modern elements that can be seen with its shiny chrome pendant lights and the red decorative accent panels from Marlboro. The ambience is not really for intimate dining but it does have a classy diner feel to it. The place is perfect for barkada hangouts.


The Food



Jalapeno Poppers Php395

This is one of my favorite dishes on the planet so I had high expectations for this one and Craft’s Jalapeno poppers didn’t disappoint. I couldn’t get enough of them.



Buffalo Wings

My preferred taste for chicken wings is always spicy so I had no qualms at trying out the Atomic flavor from the 3-level of spiciness that they offer. Don’t be scared though, this one’s tolerable.



Craft Burger Php 375

This burger has a good serving size and the onion rings were a good touch. The Angus beef patty was thick but a bit dry for my taste.



Oh, Margherita Pizza Php 295

This is also a good choice from the menu. It is not too filling so this is great to pair with the Jalapeno poppers and the buffalo wings.



Craft Pub & Grill

Unit E – The Fort Entertainment Complex, 1200 Taguig, Philippines


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Craft Pub & Grill: Good Food with the Great College Bar Atmosphere