Go beyond the screen with UP JMA in MarkEd 2018!

The UP Junior Marketing Association (UP JMA) proudly presents their annual flagship event, MarkEd 2018: Marketing Beyond the Screen. MarkEd is an educational program, that aims to forward the practical uses of marketing to a wider audience, such as high school students all over Metro Manila. It is a semester-long campaign composed of a series of talks, workshops, and initiatives, culminating in a marketing summit and competition.

What is UP JMA and MarkEd? UP JMA is the premier student-run marketing organization in the country, and is based in the University of the Philippines – Diliman. The organization has various events that focus on different advocacies, such as nationalism, tourism, mental health, and marketing education. Aside from executing successful events, UP JMA is also the 11th time winner of the Agora Youth Award for Best Student Marketing Organization, the Outstanding Junior Marketing Association of the Philippines in 2017, and the 1st place winner of the Marketista Awards in 2017. MarkEd is UP JMA’s public education arm, that aims to promote the significance of marketing. Every year, MarkEd has consistently set the standard for the biggest marketing education event for senior high school students.

What’s new in MarkEd 2018? Last year, MarkEd’s marketing summit and lecture series were opened to private high school students all over Metro Manila. Now, in line with our vision for inclusivity, MarkEd is now expanding its reach by tapping into public high schools in Metro Manila, with our new initiative: Access Granted. Access Granted is a series of campus visits that aims to further educate the students about the potential impact of marketing in their lives.

Aside from this, to demonstrate the practical applications of marketing, the MarkEd team also started the Entrepreneurial Marketing Initiative, a team that assists a community by helping them build a sustainable business through online platforms. Tying all the initiatives together is MarkEd 2018’s theme: Marketing Beyond the Screen, which aims to demonstrate the practical uses of digital marketing.

How does MarkEd work? UP JMA is inviting all senior high school students under the Accountancy and Business Management (ABM) track to join us in our marketing summit and competition: The Big Idea. The summit will be held on November 24 and 25 at the University of the Philippines – Diliman, from 8:30am-5pm. The program consists of keynote speakers, mentorship consultations, breakout sessions, and a marketing competition. Aside from the opportunity to network and interact with professionals, participants also have the chance to win Php 10,000!

Can’t wait to join The Big Idea? It only takes a few minutes to sign up! Just sign up either individually or as a team of 4 – 5 members, through https://tinyurl.com/TheBigIdeaSignup. Each participant must pay a fee of Php350, inclusive of the summit fee, food, drinks, and giveaways.

Join us as we take marketing beyond the screen. See you at the summit!

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