GMA Kapuso Foundation Launched Celebrity Ukay-Ukay on eBay Philippines

When In Manila it always breaks my heart to see a lot of street children begging for food and money. Majority of them are already working inspite of their young age. Aren’t they supposed to be in school instead?  I know that the government is veered towards improving the education state in the Philippines; however one major hindrance is the lack of resources. Let’s face the fact that there are insufficient schools to give children a decent ground to study and learn. No opportunity means no future for some. So the quest for achieving this primary goal paved the way for the Kapuso School Development (KSD) Project by the GMA Kapuso Foundation. They officially launched the  “Celebrity Ukay-ukay at ebay” last July 15, 2011.

Ms. Carmela ‘Mel’ Tiangco, GMA Kapuso Foundation EVP/COO

I myself have a very soft heart for our unfortunate Filipino children. I believe that each individual must have the clout to reach out in every way they can to give them a brighter hope and future. I graced the Bloggers Press Conference for GMA Kapuso Foundation’s Celebrity Online Ukay-Ukay Launch at the GMA Network Center and it definitely opened my eyes more on how this non-government organization (NGO) has been exerting all efforts to build decent classrooms in the remote areas of our community. They operate independently and through this presscon, they intend to share to us what the Foundation has to offer.

The Kapuso Foundation works hand in hand with Department of Education to build decent classrooms particularly to those areas affected by extreme calamities. They were able to put up 89 classrooms in Luzon last year after Pepeng and Ondoy. The foundation’s activities are worthy of supporting as they also have a drive to keep the Bayanihan spirit alive, by the voluntary labor from every classroom built. They also conduct regular health services and even environmental advocacy.

The GMA Kapuso Foundation plans to build/rehabilitate 50 classrooms per year. But as foreseen, the aspect of having the appropriate budget is again, being faced.  The face, inspiration and the heart of the GMA Kapuso Foundation, Ms. Carmela ‘Mel’ Tiangco was there to guide us into a deeper perspective.

GMA Kapuso Foundation EVP/COO Mel Tiangco, heads the project despite of the hardships they encounter. KSD’s main goal is to build decent classrooms and maintain the existing ones in good condition. “Our School Development Project used to be a calamity base. Pag may calamity, there is an outpouring of donations from the public. Donations come- only when calamity comes.” says Ms. Tiangco. She added that they are on a mission on how to produce money without any calamity and continue the school rehabilitation project. Absolutely agree. We must not wait for another calamity for us to be able to move forward.
Ms. Tiangco shared that Php 100 million donations were derived from the Ondoy Fund drive. After the execution of relief operations, or everything has died down, they will go back to the area and check on where to spend the donated money judiciously and for a long-term basis. “Kapuso Foundation offers you to become a medium of public service”, she stresses. Though she admits that she is a Social Networking Services noob, it did not discourage her and said that she can reach out to us so that we can be a part of this advocacy. They have executed two events such as celebrity auctions/bazaars. Although successful, she told us why they need to look out for more resources. There is a very low awareness regarding the program and the proceeds were not enough to maintain the ongoing projects.
Celebrity items were put up in an online auction that commenced last  July 15th at 7 pre-loved celebrity items will be up for bidding for 10 days, after which the winner will be determined on July 25.  By then, another batch will be up for a new set of bidding. The items are rare and awesome finds indeed!
This will benefit of course the Kapuso School Development Project, “I assure you that every single centavo will go to the foundation project”, Ms. Tiangco again reiterates. “I’m hoping for people to share their resources, this is where people can bring out the love in their hearts for their fellowmen and the people in need”, she adds.
When asked why was the chosen partner and said, “We wanted to sell fast; reach out to the younger sect; they are easy to work with and had a great deal offered to us”.  Want to know more good news?  This project is not limited to just one network. It’s open for all celebrities; hence any so-called network war is set aside.
Chris Tiu showed his support by showing his limited edition autographed jersey that is in line for the auction. He wore it during their national competitions held abroad and said that there is only 1 piece available for the said item. Mr. Henry Perez, Executive Director of GMA Kapuso Foundation, pointed out that, “We encourage you to create more positive noise to create greater awareness for this project. It will definitely mean more projects that will equate to more classrooms”.

Check out the items up for bidding. I’m eyeing  for the song bird’s voluptuous aubergine gown. I also consider getting John Lapuz’ funky and limited edition Andy Warhol watch since it’s the Marilyn Monroe’s edition. Gotta save up!

Regine Velasquez’ Aubergine Gown by Nicole Miller starting bid:Php 999.00

John Lapuz’ Andy Warhol Seiko Watch a special collector’s edition bearing the Marilyn Monroe design starting bid: Php 5,999.00 face of watch is bordered with white rhinestones with a sprinkling of aqua stones to match the aqua hour and minute hands

Kris Aquino’s Fire Engine Red Bustier Gown starting bid: Php 9,999.00 willowy, fierce red gown, the bottom part of the gown is 19 yards long.

This is one fulfilling day that can happen to people like us. We only not had the chance to enjoy the comfort of shopping but what matters most is that we became an instrument of God’s love.  So When In Manila, just think of an unfortunate child you could help to get that deserved education. Let’s help make a change, it is not measured by how big or small it is, what matters is you’re armed with an honest intention. As what Ms. Mel Tiangco said, “This is an advocacy, not a business”.

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GMA Kapuso Foundation Launched Celebrity Ukay-Ukay on eBay Philippines


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