Give Back Music Fest Had Some of the Best OPM Musicians Perform in One Night

Written and Photographed by Krizia Joy Rivera

SM By The Bay, MOA Complex was filled with blasting cheers and it’s not surprising when you consider that many of our favorite OPM bands came together to perform at the Give Back Music Fest (GBMF). We got to see electrifying performances from musicians like Mayonnaise, Hale, UDD, IV of Spades, Rico Blanco, Rusty Machines, and more!

IV of Spades performed some of their hit songs, including “In My Prison” and “Mundo.” Everyone happily sang as the trio delivered their catchy songs.

IV of Spades 

IV of Spades

We didn’t want IV of Spades to finish but ‘Rusty Machines‘ was next and we wanted to hear them, too. They serenaded the crowd with “Forget You,” a chill song that can be appreciated before going to bed.

Rusty Machines

GBMF became even more exciting when ‘Hale‘ came onstage! The vocalist, Champ Lui Pio, went down from the stage and sang together with his fans. He even took a selfie with them!


Mayonnaise kept up the energy with their songs “Kapag Lasing Malambing” and “Tayo na Lang Dalawa.” Have to admit, they got the audience feeling emotional.


UDD broke my heart into pieces with their songs “Oo” and “Tadhana.” These are some of my favorite OPM numbers and it was magical hearing them live.

Up Dharma Down

Rico Blanco closed the show with an amazing performance of his hits. All I can say is that it was lit! Rico snatched everyone’s hearts and filled it with energy and happiness. It was definitely worth the wait!

Rico Blanco

What makes GBMF even more special is that it hosted a charitable organization of supported advocacies for children with sickness, and the preservation and conservation of nature and marine life from plastic waste.

Last 2018, GBMF gave 100% of itgs sales to children with numerous sicknesses. They also did a coastal cleanup and turtles preservation program! Taking care of turtles is important because they maintain seagrass beds and coral reefs, and provide habitat for marine life.

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It was great to attend the music festival because we got to help and watch some of our favorite OPM artists perform live. I remembered all the songs I sang when I was young and it was great to hear them again. At the same time, it was great to discover new bands. GBMF proved that OPM is not dead and we should support local music. I can’t wait to see these bands at next year’s GBMF!


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