Gigantic Turtle Gets Trapped on Fisherman’s Net

Last July 5, 2015, a gigantic leatherback turtle got trapped on a fisherman’s net in Bgry. Napotiocan, Laoang, Northern Samar.

Right after it got trapped, it was released by the fishermen back to the sea.

A photo of the leatherback turtle was posted by Dennis Arino on Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines’ Facebook Page.

It was captioned with:

This was accidentally trapped in a fisherman’s net and was immediately released on July 5, 2015, same day. I was informed of the incident last Monday by Peace Corps volunteer Miss Cat Hadlow. It was only yesterday that my investigation was completed.

(This is a) male leatherback turtle. Measurement: 1 dipa carapace cross; more than 1 dipa carapace longitude. Location: Bgry. Napotiocan, Laoang, Northern Samar.

Gigantic Leatherback Turtle

The leatherback sea turtle is known as the largest of all the living turtles. In the past, several sightings of this species of turtle were found in the shores of Albay, Leyte, and Palawan.

For the uninitiated, Arino commented that the rope, as seen on the photo, is used to avoid further damage to the leatherback sea turtle and to the fisherman’s net because the turtle is very huge and very strong. It is used to guide the turtle.

It’s good to know that it was returned back to its habitat.

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