5 V-Day Gifts You Can Buy at A Concept Store to Impress your Partner

 When in Manila, Valentine’s Day is just right around the corner and up to now you still have no gift for your significant other. Well, fret no more, because I’ve rounded up a few things from Manila Lifestyle Bodega, a concept Store that supports local independent shops, that are perfect gifts for your significant other this coming Valentine’s day. It’s 2015, people, time to step your game up!



Manila Lifestyle Bodega is located at #61 Kamuning Road, Quezon City, Philippines


1. Shoes

This is a no-fail way to make your partner jump for joy on V-day. If you’ve been taking note on what he or she has been eyeing on from those online shoe shops on Instagram, then you’d probably have an idea which  kicks to buy for him/her next. You can also make it extra special by customizing your Nikes (although it will take time) according to color, style, laces, etc. Whether it’s shoes for training or for “porma” , your partner will love it! 



Choose one of these shoes as your gift!


manilalifestylebodega shoes_opt

Or better yet, have your partner choose the pair he/she likes!


2.  Accessories

Accessories may look like “small time” gifts but if you know the right local brands to choose, then your gift will be something worth raving about. Also, if you choose the right kind of accessories, you know she/he’ll use everyday, then you partner will be more than thankful to receive those gifts. Acccessories such as these OBBO socks, wooden iPhone case and SINAG bamboo glasses are some of the many “add-ons” you can give to your partner. If you’re feeling spendy, buy a handful of accessories you think your partner will like, put it insde a box and watch him/her lighten up as it unfolds. 




iPhone cases, bamboo shades, OBBO socks, bracelets, and shoelaces are just some of the many accessories you can find. 



You choose from this wide selection of caps.


manilalifestylebodega accessories_opt

OBBO socks, wooden iPhone case and shades, a gift worthy for your Valentine. 



Read on to know the last 3 gifts!