Gift For The Boys: 3 Nifty Reasons Why Giving Hot Wheels is a Perfect Gift For Your Children

The easiest, which is also, one of the hardest gifts to buy, are the ones we want to give our children.

Toyota 86

If we were rich, I’d get this sick ride in a heart beat! My boys and I loved driving this over the holidays! It was magnificent!

But if you have boys, any kind of toy cars will do.


My boys enjoying their Hot Wheels gift from Auntie Anj!

Oftentimes, we’d like to instill the value of money to them. However, we also want to make sure that we get a bang for our buck by getting affordable yet good quality presents for them. 

But then again these days, there are heaps of new and available little things that we can give them. But, you may give a set of Hot Wheels cars for a change!


Imagine how awesome it is to receive miniature muscle cars as a gift? Kids went crazy unboxing this!


What if our cars looked like this? Wouldn’t it be nice to drive along EDSA? Even though, it’s traffic? 🙂

So, here are three nifty reasons why you should give them a set of Hot Wheels as a gift!

3. Quality over Quantity


My mom used to tell me: “don’t buy expensive stuff for the kids, kasi madali naman masira.” 


However, I realized, if I would buy cheap stuff, it would break easily, too. So, might as well get high-quality toys for longer usage. These tiny, fast, and powerful toys cost under P200 pesos each.


For instance, these cars have been slammed everywhere, and still good as brand new! As compared to those generic ones, once they hit the floor or the wall, they’d fall apart easily. Furthermore, Mattel, the manufacturer of Hot Wheels ensures that their toys are made sturdy, fast, and safe for children aged under 10 to enjoy.

2. Perfect Bonding activity with your children (or siblings)

What’s the use of giving them a gift if they won’t learn and play with you?


Daddies are often busy at work. They rarely play with their children, unless, they are both interested in the activity (or when Moms go for their me-time sesh). As seen above, clearly the boys are interested in building cars!


Additionally, your kids will also learn how to follow instructions, and develop patience.

1. You can teach them road courtesy as early as NOW!


If there’s one thing Mike and I want to instill in our children it would be road courtesy.


Only a few have that on the road. I want them to learn when and where to give way.

Hot Wheels have extensive designs to choose from. You can choose whatever is based on your interests. Essentially, they have real life cars, that will cultivate your child’s imagination.

Hot Wheels

Pag ganito ang mga sasakyan sa EDSA, maiinis ka pa ba? Ang cute diba?

Ultimately, Hot Wheels has been around for so many years and they are making a big comeback in the toy industry these days. And who wouldn’t be addicted to them? They’re the next best thing to the real deal!

So, are you collecting miniature cars? How many cars have you collected so far? Tell us your thoughts in the comments! 

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