GG@10: Green Giant FM’s 10th Anniversary

In 2008, a group of students under the organizations Team Communications (TeamComm) and Electronics and Communications Engineering Society (ECES) made a collaborative effort to form the official radio station of De La Salle University: Green Giant FM (GGFM). As an educational non-profit organization, their purpose has been to serve the Lasallian community in the fields of music and broadcasting through holistic quality programs that allow students to apply and develop their skills, talents, and expertise in their respective fields.

Green Giant FM has had the pleasure of blasting a unique brand of animo on the air since 2008. Now, they are finally hitting their 10th year. This coming May, they are bringing you “GG@10: Green Giant FM’s 10th Anniversary,” happening on May 25 at the 20th Floor Multipurpose Hall of Bro. Andrew Gonzalez Hall.

In the following week, a pocket event entitled “Green Giant Gives Back” will be held to as a form of thanks to their listeners and to promote an advocacy dear to the organization: responsible broadcasting.

Come back to the greener side and join Green Giant FM for a night of great fun and music, and take a walk with them from the past into the future of GGFM!

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