Getting to the Finish Line: #GradWaiting2017

Words and Photos by Gleeselle Rosales


While you wait for the sunflowers to bloom along the University avenue, there is no other feeling more exhilarating than the waiting game right before the much-awaited graduation day. As the seemingly longer nights catch up on you when you scroll through ages-old pictures, you see the rest of your peers on their toes, too. Suddenly, being reminiscent of the sunshine-filled days you spent on campus has become quite inevitable.

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So here’s to the ones who worked all day and studied all night.

There were moments when you thought giving up would be the easier way out. But as you coursed through life with a heart filled with purpose, you stuck by your ‘why’ and knew that it was going to be worth it in the end. Part-time employment, freelance, sports, even org workit was all worth it, after all.

So here’s to the ones who made their way out of a heartbreak.

What’s life without a little heartbreak to make you a whole lot stronger? We all know how difficult it is to go through something as major as this. But thankfully, you realized you are worth more than your pain.

You got back up, and got back in the game.


So here’s to the ones who shifted tracks once, twice, even thrice along the way.

Not everyone gets it right the first or even the second time. What matters more is that you never run out of fuel to look for your passion and let it drive you to conquer everything else.

So here’s to the ones who made it to the finish line.

Homestretch. Just a few more steps and you’ve made it. Thank everyone who helped you along the way–your family, parents, educators, peers, orgmates, teammates, and even your pet dog who stayed up with you every time you pulled yet another all-nighter. But most of all, thank yourself for making it this far and going way farther in your next ventures.

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Whatever you’ve been through all those 4, 5, 6, 7, even 8 years in university, I hope you realizeyou’re a masterpiece of your own. You crafted your story the way you’re meant to, even if life spiced it up a little from what you imagined it to be at the start. You’re up. It’s time for #Sunflowers2017.

Now, go chase those bigger dreams! Are you ready?