Getting Ready for Summer: Silk Peel Facial, Body Contouring, Refirming and More

Written by Alvin Cheng and JP Sium

Most people say that beauty on the inside is what’s more important. Character, values, attitude, name it. Those qualities do make a person more charming, but people often overlook the fact that the saying can go literally as well. That is what Dare by Dr. Jean Marquez wants to highlight in their dermatology clinic.

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DARE facial

DARE facial

Dare wants people to look good inside and out; which is why Dr. Jean Marquez wants to redefine beauty on a cellular level. She believes it’s futile to work on your outside appearance if you don’t take care of your body; beauty should come from within, and not just on the surface. Dare uses the best technology with high-quality natural products to achieve this goal. They also have resident dietitians/nutritionists who give free consultation to educate clients more on how they can live a healthier and cleaner lifestyle.

Since summer is already upon us, I’m sure almost everybody wants to look their best for that perfect vacation picture. But the weather can be harsh and staying under the sun for too long can damage our skin. So if you plan on going to the derma before hitting the beach, Dare by Dr. Jean Marquez could be the perfect clinic to go to if you want a natural, quality, and long-lasting fix.

DARE facial

DARE facial

They also have star-studded clients that walk through their doorsKen Chan, Almira Muhlach, MJ Marfori, Atom Araullo, and a lot more. If you’re not that convinced yet, my friends (Kelly Neria and JP Sium) and I went to dare to try out some of their treatments and see how effective it is. Each of us tried different procedures and here are our thoughts:



I got to try ‘Refirme’ which aims to produce a firming effectreducing wrinkles, contouring the face, and smoothing and illuminating the skin.

The procedure started with the nurse cleaning my face with a scrub and then covered my eyes with black goggles. They placed a very cold gel on my jaw and started to use their special equipment that emitted bi-polar radiofrequency and light of Elos technology that was said to stimulate collagen production and placed it on top of the gel. It like reminded me of a mom having a baby scan HAHA. Anyway, it then went around my jaw with that little pulling sensation with a beeping sound, but it was completely painless and only lasted for 40 minutes!

After the procedure, I felt my jawline tightened a bit and after two days, it’s more visible that I had a more pronounced jawline. With proper diet and exercise, I think I’ll be able to achieve a more chiseled look.”

DARE facialAnti-Aging Room

DARE facial



I had a cystic acne on my glabella (the space between our eyebrows above our nose) the night we went to DARE. So I went for the service that I would most benefit from, I got their Silk Peel treatment. I am not exactly new on the whole peel treatments, but every experience is different and, let me tell you, this ranks as one of the top contenders.

Before everything, the marketing manager already explained to us how all of our procedures will go. Then, the in-house dermatologist examined my face and quickly assessed what kind of serum to use for the treatment. After that, I was led to the room where the peel would be done. The nurse who assisted me was very nice and very comforting, literally. The first step was to wash my face since I was wearing make-up. After that, she proceeded with the Silk Peel.

Silk Peel is actually a 3-in-1 treatment which exfoliates, extracts, and infuses your skin with serum/s. Stubborn spots would then be further extracted after the Silk Peel.

Now, I don’t know about you but I have a love-hate relationship with extraction. I love it because it removes all of my blackheads and whiteheads, but at the same time, I hate it because it hurts too much. After that painful step, a cold roller would be, well rolled, all over your face. I am assuming they do that to tame the redness and the swelling of the face, but it didn’t work for me because I have dermatographia. After the cold roller, they gave me an ointment (Epiduo) to apply on my face.

So my face remained swollen for hours, but that did not affect my judgment on this because it was perfectly normal for my skin to swell even after lightly scratching my skin. My face looked much clearer because the nurse was thorough with removing my whiteheads and blackheads. I rarely get cystic pimples, so my main problem has always been whiteheads and blackheads. I am perfectly happy about the whole treatment and I was able to see the change clearly after 2 days. My face brightened just a tad bit after the swelling had gone down. Undergoing this treatment once every 2 weeks would significantly make your face look brighter and clearer.”

DARE facialPeels Treatment Room

Dare Facial



I got the chance to try their Body360 treatment, which helps contour and burn stubborn fats. It’s something that I never thought of doing, so the experience was quite memorable. I had a lot of questions regarding the process, and the staff, Princess, who is actually a nurse, knowledgeably answered all of them.

Clients can choose whichever part of their body they want to refirme. I chose my stomach area since it has fats which are difficult to burn. For the procedure proper, Ms. Princess started with an equipment which breaks down fats via massaging. This lasted around 15-20 minutes. The purpose of the massage was to enable the fats to be burned down efficiently. Next, she proceeded with another equipment which was heated (min. of 37 degrees) and then pressed on my stomach repeatedly. Some may find the machine quite hot, but I managed to bear 42 degrees. This went on for around 10 minutes.

After the Body360 treatment, immediately I could still feel the heat on my stomach. Princess assured me that it was only normal and that only indicates the fats are still burning. She noted that people who undergo Body360 should avoid cold food/water for at least 8 hours to ensure maximum effectivity.”

DARE facialSlimming Room

DARE is giving away special discounts exclusively to our valued readers of to help you with your goal to achieve that summer-ready body this season!

Here are the following procedures they have graciously offered big discounts for:

  • Body 360 – 20% off
  • Body Sculpt – 20% off
  • Carboxy – 20% off
  • Hair Removal – 20% off
  • ReFirme – 15% off
  • Purifying Facial – 15% off

You can avail of this special discount just by sharing this article and putting the hashtag “#DareTheChange” on your caption. Take a screenshot your shared posted and present it to the receptionist. Promo runs until April 30, 2017.

Going to the derma isn’t the only way to maintain or elevate beauty. Everything works differently for people. Just remember that wanting to be more beautiful isn’t vain at all; it is a way of taking care of yourself and feeling good about yourself. You don’t do it for other people. You just do it for a healthier you inside and out.

So if you’re looking for a vacation fix, Dare yourself and have the best summer yet.

Dare by Dr. Jean Marquez

Address: G/F of ESNA Building, #30 Timog Avenue in Quezon City.
Facebook: @darebydrjeanmarquez
Contact Number: 0917-810-1319 ; 0917-512-0996; (02) 374-1076 ; (02) 374-8087


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