Getting Fit With a Pickup Truck as Your Equipment? You Can With The Next-Gen Ranger

Are you ready to get Ranger fit? This was the question posed by Ford Philippines to the participants of Ford & Fitness–a unique event for Ford customers and Ford club members that highlights the versatility and capability of the Next-Generation Ford Ranger as a fitness companion.

Part of a series of events in celebration of Ford Truck Month, Ford & Fitness was designed to empower Ford Ranger owners to pursue a variety of lifestyles, interests, and passions together with their capable Ford truck. Held at the Ford Alabang dealership, the event had close to 50 participants from the Next-Generation Ranger Philippines Club as well as customers of the Ford Alabang dealership.

Ford Philippines Next-Gen Ranger

Photo: Ford Philippines | Coach Jose Villablanca

To experience the beyond-the-road versatility of the Next-Gen Ranger, participants joined a one-of-a kind workout using the truck as the only equipment. Designed by Coach Jose Villablanca, founder and CEO of wellness company Holifit, the “Pick-up Truck Workout” had customers do a full-body circuit workout across different stations around the Next-Gen Ranger Sport.

Exercises included incline push-ups in the backseat, step-ups and side lunges using the rear box and sidestep boards, toe touches using the tires, and reverse crunches on the Ranger truck bed.

“Having a fit body is essential to get through the day-to-day grind. This workout shows Next-Gen Ranger owners that their chosen truck is capable and versatile for their fitness pursuits–they can even use it as a tool to add variety to their workouts,” said Coach Jose.

Ford Philippines Next-Gen Ranger

Photo: Ford Philippines | Coach Cam Lagmay

With fitness being a holistic pursuit, the next activity was how to have a “Next-Gen Mindset.” Helmed by Coach Cam Lagmay, a certified fitness and mindset coach, the session shares how to be mentally prepared for challenges–both physical and mental in line with pursuing goals–for fitness and beyond. The talk ended with a meditation session that reminds participants to take a pause and reset to better conquer day-to-day challenges.

“Just like how they drive their Next-Gen Ranger trucks, they are also in control of their mindset. Fitness is holistic, and a fit body will be best achieved with a clear mind that understands what the work it takes make goals a reality,” said Coach Cam.

Completing the learning experience for the day were a Ford Ranger and FordPass product walkthrough from Ford Alabang sales consultant Migs Camacho and a conversation about maintaining optimal performance of vehicles in time for the holiday rush from Ford Alabang dealer customer relations center manager Ivy Pelimiano. One of the key tips she gave was to ensure that customers adhere to regular preventive maintenance schedule (PMS) to ensure that their Ford vehicles like them, are always fighting fit.

Ford Philippines Next-Gen Ranger

Photo: Ford Philippines

The Ford & Fitness event is one of the various activities of Ford Philippines to engage with the growing community of Ford owners and club members. “We truly appreciate the support we are getting from Ford owners and club members who embody the variety of passions we have always aimed to enable with our Ford vehicles. Today, we saw how fitness enthusiasts can benefit from the capabilities and versatility of the Next-Gen Ranger as a companion for their active pursuits,” said Mike Breen, president and managing director, Ford Philippines.

The Next-Gen Ranger is available with a variety of exclusive offers and deals during the Ford Truck Month. Log on to or visit a dealership nearest you for more details.