Get your Dad’s Adrenaline Pumping at Southwoods 4×4 Park this Father’s Day

southwoods 4X4 park

Car-nut dads are almost always easy to please. But more than buying them car accessories and stuff that are on their annual wish list, why not give them a new thrilling experience that they will never forget for the rest of their lives?

This Father’s Day, we suggest taking your car-loving dad and his biggest, baddest recreational 4×4 or work truck to the newly-opened Southwoods 4×4 Park.

southwoods 4X4 park

Located inside Southwoods City, Megaworld’s 561-hectare township project in the south of Manila located in the boundaries of Cavite and Laguna, Southwoods 4×4 Park is a purpose-built track, designed by Lito Joaquin and Ramon Toong to NAsFOR (National Association of Filipino Off-Roaders) specifications.

Since its opening, the track has already drawn off-road enthusiasts and vehicle owners looking to put their driving skills and machines to test.

southwoods 4X4 park

It promises an extreme dirt road challenge guaranteed to put your dad’s driving skills and his muscled and motor-powered machines to the ultimate test with its challenging obstacles that mimic the most extreme trails found in many jungles.

Aside from having the usual elephant tracks, ramps and ditches, the park also features a water crossing, multiple ramps, four table tops, three V-canals, a horse shoe and two deep canals for more exhilarating off-road experience for your thrill-seeking dad.

southwoods 4X4 park

The park also has features for both modified and stock classes, so your dad need not to worry about his ride even if he rolls and rambles it over almost every inch of solid ground inside the track.

Going to Southwoods 4×4 Park is easy as it is conveniently located just outside the city limits. For those going here, they may take Southwoods Exit in SLEX near San Agustin church.

southwoods 4X4 park

Take your dad into the wild world of off-roading at the Southwoods 4×4 Park this Father’s Day!

Southwoods 4×4 Park is open to all off-road enthusiasts. For more information, visit or

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