Get Your Burger Fix at Burgers and Brewskies

I have this friend from college whom I haven’t seen since we graduated. I heard he was working in Pasig, so I decided to drop by during my free time. Back in college, we used to tour around restaurants all around Baguio to look for the best burger in town. So to relive the old days, we scoured around near his workplace and eventually found Burgers and Brewskies.


Burgers and Brewskies definitely lives up to its namethe perfect joint for a bro-date with some heavy burgers with the right combination of Brewskies. Before munching up on their burgers though, we decided to have some appetizers first to get our taste buds ready for what’s about to happen. So we ordered the house’s best-selling appetizers.

Burgers-and-Brewskies-1-2Bacon Chicharon. Warning, this is not for the faint-hearted as it is what it is: a Bacon. Chicharon.

Burgers-and-Brewskies-2A plate of tender hot wings to get our appetites ready for the mains.


First up, the Bleu Steel. One thing unique about the burger patties in this one is it is filled with Bleu Cheese–perfect for meat and cheese lovers who like a little twist in their food. Throw in some spiced mustard aioli, honey sriracha bacon, and topped off with some crispy onion rings, and you’ve got yourself the perfect burger.


Next up is the Breaking Bad-inspired burger, Hector Salamanca. It’s filled with Burgers and Brewskies’ special chilli oil, jalapeño crema, tomato salsa, and topped off with crispy nacho strips. I’m warning you, if you can’t handle spicy food, this is not for you. This is for the tough guys and girls who love a kick to their burgers.


Now it’s time to “Call the Nurse.” A burger with mac and cheese with honey sriracha bacon?! As if the burger patties are not heavy enough! If you like to eat big, this one is the perfect burger for you.


Now the last thing we tried (and our personal favorite!), The Bacon Chicharon Burger.

Yes, you read it right, a Bacon Chicharon Burger. Talk about cheat day! This one definitely lives up to its name. Burgers and Brewskies’ 100% beef patty topped with their famous Bacon Chicharon is definitely on the top list of “how to spoil yourself.”


Our trip to Burger’s and Brewskies not only gave us a trip down memory lane, it has also treated us with new tastes of burgers we can only dream of and that has built a stronger bond between us.

Great service and great food, we’ll definitely be back for more. We recommend you guys to check ’em out too!


Burger & Brewskies

Ground Floor, Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons, Oranbo, Pasig City