Get Up to 50% Off on Beauty and Personal Care Products From This Shopee Sale!

Stunning. Gorgeous. Attractive. Perfect. The list can go on. There are so many words to describe beauty, and people can spend years searching for it. Yet Unilever believes that you don’t have to look far; in fact, it’s even closer than you think. We believe that beauty is in your DNA. All you have to do is manifest and own it. This is easier said than done, but when the doubt creeps in, that’s when Unilever steps in.

For years, Unilever Philippines has been an advocate for positive beauty that cares, not just for the self, but for the planet and the community. Though these pillars remain constant, the commitment to empower Filipinas to be confident in their own beauty has only grown stronger with time.

Get Up to 50% Off on Beauty and Personal Care Products From This Shopee Sale!

Own Your Beauty

While the choice to love yourself has to be made from within, Unilever makes it even easier and simpler to take the first step. Enjoy the #OwnYourBeauty sale on 25 to 27 June at Shopee, where anyone can get up to 50% off on their beauty and personal care favorites from Dove, TRESemmé, Pond’s, Cream Silk, and more. All with a simple tap and add to cart on Shopee. With our self-care essentials at your fingertips, taking that step toward manifesting positive beauty has never been easier.

Own The Beauty of Your Community

We all know that each of us are interconnected through family, friends, and society. With this guiding us, simple purchases of items that make you look and feel good also help manifest the success of other individuals. For 2022’s Positive Beauty sale, we will continue to provide a portion of proceeds from your Unilever purchases to Mano Amiga Academy. A long-time partner of Unilever, Mano Amiga advocates community transformation and inclusive growth through education. Through this partnership, entrepreneurs are equipped with relevant skills training, and given an opportunity to join Shopee to reach more shoppers and grow their businesses.

Own The Beauty of Our Planet

We also know that our actions must serve and protect the planet, and act as stewards for the next generation. That is why Unilever continues to do its part in lessening its environmental impact through sustainably sourced ingredients and eco-friendly packaging. As an agent and catalyst of positive beauty, Unilever aims to manifest a greener planet with affirmation and action. We invite you all to join us and own your actions for the people and planet.

By being more conscious and intentional with your purchases through the help of Unilever, you can #OwnYourBeauty with products that are just like you: proud of the beauty they are manifesting. Bring positive beauty to life with these amazing offers on your favorite Unilever products:

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