Get Lashed!: The Eyelash Extension Salon

When in Manila, aren’t you curious about how eyelash extensions are done? How sexy your eyes will look? Well I’m guilty to say that I am! ūüôā Thanks to Get Lashed! Eyelash Extension Salon for satisfying my curiosity!




Get Lashed! Eyelash Extension Salon


I have always been frustrated with having long eyelashes, partly because I wasn’t blessed to have them and partly because I find them so sexy. And because of that, when my mom mentioned to me about Get Lashed! Eyelash Extension Salon, I didn’t think twice and immediately contacted them!



Get Lashed! Eyelash Extension Salon 


Located at the back parking area of Metrowalk Complex, Get Lashed! Eyelash Extension Salon wasn’t that hard to find. We arrived around 1:30 pm and immediately we were accommodated by their friendly staff. The salon has a very girly ambiance From curtains to blankets, the color pink stood out. ¬†As soon as the session started, I was able to immediately adjust and felt comfortable since the curtains were closed and privacy was given.¬†


Get Lashed! Ortigas Branch 



Get Lashed! Ortigas Branch


There are different kinds of eyelash extensions that you can choose from, as for me, I opted for the Mascara Light, medium length, which was the most sale-able from all the others. 



Get Lashed!: The Everyday Look: Mascara Light  (1,000.00)



 Here are the other kinds of eyelash extensions Get Lashed! offers:


Get Lashed!  


Get Lashed! uses synthetic eyelashes, meticulously attaching each eyelash to the natural eyelashes that we have. Medium length of synthetic eyelashes were attached to my very short natural eyelashes. During the procedure, you are instructed to keep your eyes closed throughout the procedure to ensure that the eyelashes are attached properly and also to avoid the glue from entering the eyes. 



DSC08440  DSC08436 

Get Lashed! Synthetic Eyelashes (available in short, medium and long)



After the procedure that took almost 1 hour and 30 minutes, here are my new set of eyelashes!


Get Lashed! Oh and I love these lashes!



Of course, eyelash extensions need caring for them to be long lasting and beautiful.  So here are some guidelines from our friends at Get Lashed!:


1. Avoid getting eyes wet for the FIRST 10 HOURS after getting extensions.

2. DO NOT USE a curler or mascara at all times.

3. When washing the face, avoid rubbing the lashes.

4. DABBING is the best way to dry off wet lashes.

5. Always comb the lashes with a tooth pick to minimize tangling.

6. Prevent RUBBING and PULLING.

7. Avoid oil based skin care, only WATER BASED PRODUCTS are approved.

8. When having facial or any situation and steam is needed, make sure that the steam is A METER AWAY because it makes the glue softer.


**Important Reminders: Getting eyelash extensions should feel gentle and comfortable. In the case of allergy, itchiness or irritating feeling, please feel free to visit the salon. Variables such as Natural Lash Cycle and customer care will affect the longevity of eyelash extensions. Regular retouching is needed to maintain beauty.


After all is said and done, I enjoy having these eyelash extensions from Get Lashed!. I know that being beautiful takes a lot of investment and effort, and I am most willing to go through them just to get my dream lashes come true. And I have Get Lashed! to thank for that ūüôā



Get Lashed! Half Year Promo 

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Avail of the Get Lashed! FINE LASHES at P250 only!



Here’s three simple steps:

1. Like  Get Lashed! The Eyelash Extension Salon and Beauty Center
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So When In Manila, if you’re looking for a place where you can have your dream eyelashes come true, check out Get Lashed! Eyelash Extension Salon, you’ll never regret it! ¬†


RunNurse and LittleRunningTeacher at Get Lashed! Eyelash Extension Salon



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Get Lashed!: The Eyelash Extension Salon


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Ortigas Branch: Back Parking Area, Metrowalk Complex, Meralco Avenue, Pasig City Link to Google Maps

Store Hours: Tuesday РSaturday, 1pm Р10pm

For Reservations/Inquiries: 0927.4555956


Alabang Branch: Molito 3-2nd Floor,Unit 1, Molito Building Alabang-Zapote Road, Muntinlupa City 1780, Philippines Link to Google Maps

Store Hours: Monday РSunday, 9am Р9pm

For Reservations/Inquiries: 0927.4555466



Get Lashed!: The Eyelash Extension Salon