Gerald Anderson and Arci Munoz Return for “Can We Still Be Friends?”

Gerald Anderson and Arci Munoz Return for Can We Still Be Friends?

Breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend can be a terrible time. One of the biggest questions is: can you still be friends with your ex?

It’s a question that Gerald Anderson and Arci Munoz try to answer in their sophomore project together, Can We Still Be Friends?.

Watch the trailer below:

In the film, Anderson and Munoz are a couple who breaks up after being together for eight years. The two promise to maintain their friendship as they go on their separate dating adventures. Both sign up on Tinder, and they go through the things first-time users experience: taking profile photos and going on awkward dates.

The two previously starred in Always Be My Maybe, as two people who experience breakups. They meet one night at a beach resort, get to know each other, and promise to help each other find people better than their exes. It did so well that it earned P100 million in 15 days.

Can We Still Be Friends? is directed by Prime Cruz, and will premiere on June 14, 2017.

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