Georgina Wilson Calls Out Netizen for Comment on Son Archie: ‘There’s nothing wrong with being gay’

Georgina Wilson went full-on momma bear mode in defense of her firstborn son Archie Burnand after a netizen left her a message on Instagram commenting on Archie’s actions and appearance.


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“I hope this little dude of [yours] will be normal straight in the future… Cause for me, [he’s] got gay [features]/gesture[s]. Hope NOT @ilovegeorgina,” the netizen wrote.

In response, Georgina screen-capped the message and publicly called out the netizen on Instagram stories.

(Georgina Wilson’s son Archie Burnand cries because of his Adobo cravings)

According to Georgina, it will not matter to her what Archie chooses to be when he grows up and that being gay shouldn’t be an issue.

“Sorry to put you on blast, but I will love my son no matter what he chooses to be in the future and there is NOTHING WRONG with being gay,” she said.

Georgina Wilson Instagram Archie response


Archie is Georgina’s two-year-old son with non-showbiz husband Arthur Burnand. She recently gave birth to her second child, Alfred Thor, last July.

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