Genetics Camp to Unmask Biodiversity, Exhibit DNA Barcoding to the Next Level

This April 23-24, 2015, the annual gathering of high school students will transcend the tradition of learning as the 11th Genetics Camp of The UPLB Genetics Society conquers the summer once more.

As the theme “StrateGENE: Unlocking the mysteries of Biodiversity through DNA Barcoding” proclaims, the eleventh installment of the camp will focus on DNA Barcoding as a tool in understanding biodiversity.

Genetics Camp to Unmask Biodiversity, Exhibit DNA Barcoding to the Next Level

Breaking the tradition of classifying organisms through morphological analysis, DNA barcoding exemplifies the easiest way to resolve the dilemma of identifying species by obtaining barcodes from small amounts of tissues. It literally works like a supermarket scanner that distinguishes products using the black stripes of the product code.

According to the Barcode of Life, standard barcode regions to be studied are determined in the specific gene region of biological specimens. The latter are then identified by searching for the closest matching reference record in the database which is actually a public reference library of species identifiers.

Aside from the usual lecture symposia to be delivered by experts and researchers in DNA Barcoding and laboratory procedures, more interactive activities are in-store for our participants to keep the spirit of learning parallel with excitement and entertainment.

“We will have Amazing Race as an additional activity for this year’s camp, para nag-eenjoy yung participants natin habang natututo. We will also bring back the pageant (Mr. & Ms. Genetics Camp) as part of the Socials Night in order to showcase the phenotypic beauty and glamour of our dearest future geneticists,” Joshua Hernandez, Genetics Camp 2016 Steering Committee Head, enthusiastically shared.

Meanwhile, the memorandum from the Department of Education endorsing the said activity is expected to be released anytime before the actual day of the camp.

Loaded with new activities to challenge our future geneticists, the 11th installment of Genetics Camp will surely be a new adventure to remember. High school students and teachers all over the nation are still welcome to join Genetics Camp 2016.

So gather up and get your gears ready as GenCamp makes its way to a new decade of learning loaded with fun and excitement!

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