Filipina K-pop Trainees Gehlee Dangca, Aya Natsumi, Elisia Parmisano to Compete in Korean Survival Show

With the strong influence of the Korean wave in the Philippines, there’s no doubt many Filipinos dream of becoming K-pop idols. Aspiring Filipina K-pop trainees Gehlee Dangca, Aya Natsumi, and Elisia Parmisano were chosen among the contestants of SBS’ upcoming Korean survival show Universe Ticket!

Gehlee Dangca, Aya Natsumi, Elisia Parmisano

From L-R: Gehlee Dangca, Aya Natsumi, Elisia Parmisano | Photo: @_universeticket Twitter

The show will select eight members of a K-pop project girl group from 82 contestants who will debut under F&F Entertainment and set to promote for two years and six months.

On July 13, it unveiled the first batch of contestants, including Dangca and Natsumi, along with aspirants from South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, and China. Each candidate’s profile consists of their teaser images, home country, personality type, and “word of resolution.”

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Dangca’s Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) showed INFP. Written in Korean, her word of resolution was, “Nothing can stop me! I will definitely debut!”

Meanwhile, Natusmi’s MBTI was ENFP, and her word of resolution said, “I am confident in my singing and charming personality! I want to start my adventure towards my debut!”

Today, July 17, the second batch of contestants was announced, revealing child actress Elisia Parmisano on the roster. She is also the cousin of Marcus Cabais, a member of the South Korea-based Filipino boy band Hori7on.

Her MBTI was INTP, while her word of resolution stated, “I look forward to seeing my miracles supported by the universe.”

Other contestants from the second batch were from Thailand, Italy, Australia, and Mongolia.

Universe Ticket will premiere in the second half of 2023. You can view the full list of contestants here!

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