GDG Philippines brings in another successful roadshow, Google IO 2018 extended


Yearly, Google Developer Group Philippines (GDG PH) aims to bring the San Francisco experience to its home, Philippines. Mixing the experience with Filipino characteristics of having fun and making the conference lightweight yet full packed became the perfect formula of success of the widest and biggest roadshow, yet.

For Google I/O Extended Roadshow 2018, 6 cities namely Cavite, Manila, Pampanga, Palawan, Albay, and Naga, with an estimated total of 2000 developers, students, academes and tech enthusiasts were gathered to make this goal a reality.

The main highlight of every Google I/O is the latest updates in Google, especially, Google Technologies. What’s special for this year is that most of the speakers invited were Google Developer Experts for: Web, Android, Firebase and Machine Learning. Developers who know the topics relevant to the event, specifically, Google Assistant and Material Design, also shared their knowledge during the events held.


Google announcements and latest updates of Google Technologies were discussed in the plenary hall by the respective speakers to give everyone familiarity with the topics. In the afternoon, attendees were given the chance to experience and learn Google Technologies themselves during codelab sessions.

These sessions became the avenue for the attendees to network and collaborate with their co-attendees and speakers. Also, learn new things while having fun being the codelabs were designed to be for beginners and introductory to new knowledge.

At the end of every event, GDG PH envisions everyone to help developers be better developers. And this is what motivates the team to make every event an extraordinary one.


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