Gather Up Your Friends: These Board Games Require Deception!

Words Xiana Catu 
Photos Lorraine Giron 

Remember when we had no phones? No internet? We had board games: Uno, Snakes and Ladders, Scrabble, Monopoly, etc. And do you remember the joy of sharing that experience, sitting around for a game, with your friends or family?

Thankfully, no matter what some people might say, board games are NOT dead. They are alive and thriving, especially thanks to gaming hubs here in Manila like Gaming Library who keeps the love of board games going.

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Check out some of our current favorite board games:


Beware: this game requires trickery. On a 4×4 board, you and your opponent get to place pieces that have barely similar qualities. Different in colors, height, shape, and consistency, the objective is to place four pieces with at least one similar quality in a row. Here’s where it gets tricky: your opponent picks the pieces you place and vice versa!


The objective is much like a popular Filipino game–Patintero. The concept is the same: to be the first player to get four out of your five pieces to make a return trip. Except this game happens on a board. All patintero players know the feeling; sometimes it can be so easy to find yourself in one position where it is safest, just to eventually get stuck there. Which is why Squadro has one major requirement for its players: must be a bold risk-taker!



Quoridor is a game for two teams or individuals, played with four wooden pawns and 20 wooden fences. The goal is clear: reach the other end of the board and victory is yours! But here’s the catch: your opponent gets to put up walls to block your way and slow you down. So your brilliant plan better be ready before you strike! It is a game of strategy and the cunning ones get the prize.


Remember Tetris? Similar to the retro video game, Katamino will have you playing with blocks and puzzle pieces. It does kind of take you back to the good old days! Here’s how it works: a number of puzzle pieces called Pentaminos from the total of 12 have to be assembled to form perfect combinations. And here’s the thing–there are up to 36,057 possible combinations!

Codenames: Philippine Edition

This localized version of the game from a collaboration of its original producer, Czech Games Edition and Game Library, has one simple goal: find out who all your agents are before the other team or person does. This game can be played by just two people or two teams of up to four people each! What more, it features 400 Filipino words. This game is a one of a kind experience.

These games are available at Gaming Library located at 3F Greenbelt 5, Makati.

What are you waiting for? Gather up your friends for a night of fun and deception. No crying, please!

Gaming Library

3F Greenbelt 5, Makati


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