Gamer Plans to Open “Smash Bros. Prep School” to Teach People How to Play Better

Want to get better at playing Super Smash Brothers? Well, a veteran player is offering everyone a chance to amp up their skills through his Smash Bros. Prep School that aims to help beginners and those seeking to improve their playstyle.

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Souther, a Japanese player who is currently ranked 122 in the list of Smash Bros. players in the country, announced his school on Twitter and said*, “I have set up a school to help all Smash Bros. players who want to get better at the game. At the moment, there are so many tips and strategy guides online that it’s hard to find which ones are actually good. At this school, lessons are taught based on the assumption that you have zero experience, so you can learn with peace of mind.”

He clarified that each student will get personalized lessons and even receive homework and tests!

He intends to create a curriculum for beginners and also veterans who want to place higher in tournaments. When asked why he thought of opening this school, he said*, “I want to improve the Smash Bros. community. I think it’s better to encourage new players to get better and mix things up than to just stick with the same old pros winning over and over. That’s why I’m working hard to make this school happen.”

As of writing, Souther has already uploaded the first lesson on Youtube which talks about the dos and don’ts for beginners.

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*Translations by SoraNews24

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