Game of Thrones Fans Raise $40,000+ For Kit Harington’s Advocacy

Just a few days ago, saddening news broke that Game of Thrones star Kit Harington was reportedly brought into a wellness facility after the show’s last episode. It was reported that Harington decided to check in to a luxury wellness retreat to recover from heavy stress and alcohol use.

While some fans were dismayed with the update, a lot of them decided to show their support for the King in the North. They did this by holding a fundraiser for Kit’s favorite charity–Mencap, a charity based in the UK that supports and helps people with a learning disability.

The actor has been known for being an ambassador of the Royal Mencap Society (Mencap) for several years now. It is reported that this charity is very close to his heart because his cousin Laurent is suffering from a learning disability. Harington explains in a video below why he decided to support the cause.

“However others are sometimes awkward and afraid when it comes to engaging with someone with a learning disability and that means they are often ignored and overlooked. We need to change this and stop ignoring the talents and contributions that people with a learning disability can bring to our society,”  explains Kit on Mencap’s website.

As a way of saying thank you for giving life to fictional character Jon Snow, Game of Thrones fans set up a campaign on JustGiving to raise £50,000 (around $63,000) for the said charity. Ever since it was set up, it has received overwhelming support from fans. As of 12:00 pm of June 3, people from all around the globe have already raised over £39,000 (around $49,000), which is already 78% of the goal!

For people who are interested in pitching in, you can contribute by clicking this link.

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